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Packing Cube Recommendations for the Pilot, Stowaway, Yeoman Duffel and more

We've decided to retire the sizes of Packing Cubes designed and sized for the Pilot, Night Flight Travel Duffel, Stowaway, Yeoman Duffel, and Hero's Journey. Below is a list of our recommendations for alternate Packing Cubes for the aforementioned bags.

Choosing to retire designs is never an easy thing to do, but in this case, here's why we made this choice: we offer a wide variety of Packing Cubes, Stuff Sacks, and Pouches that work well to organize these bags. Additionally, we're a small company of 50 people who all work under the same roof here in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A and our production capacity is limited. Retiring these Packing Cubes will help free up production capacity so we can make more of other existing designs as well as new designs.

We've also debuted new Mesh/Aether and Aether/Aether versions of our Packing Cubes that replace the previous versions of our Halcyon and Aether Packing Cubes for the Aeronaut 45, Aeronaut 30, Tri-Star, and Western Flyer travel bags. See all of our new and current Packing Cube versions here.

We've made a category page that lists all previous-version Packing Cubes: pre-2018 Packing Cubes. At the time of this blog post, some of the previous-version Packing Cubes are still in-stock while others are not.

If you have any questions, or would like packing/organizational recommendations beyond what's listed below, feel free to


Main Compartment:
A Western Flyer Small Packing Cube almost fills the space, with 3D Organizer Cubes or Cubelets fitting the dual pockets perfectly.

Side Compartments:
If a laptop or tablet is being carried, a Small Snake Charmer handles the cables in one pocket, while a Size 2 Travel Stuff Sack takes care of anything else in the other. If not, a Travel Cubelet in one side and 3D Organizer Cube in the other provide organization and modularity.

Water Bottle Pocket:
If no bottle is needed, a Size 1 Travel Stuff Sack will fit nicely with some room to spare.

Night Flight Travel Duffel

Main Compartment:
Size 4 Travel Stuff Sack, or for more traditional packing cube organization, a Western Flyer Small Cube, filled almost but not quite full.

End Pockets:
A 3D Organizer Cube
A Travel Cubelet for taking an even smaller version of your stuff with you once you reach your destination!


Rear Main Compartment:
Tri-Star Small Packing Cube for clothes

Front Zipper Compartment:
Any combination of Size 1 Travel Stuff Sacks, Cubelets or 3D Organizer Cubes in the pockets on either side of the phone pocket, depending on the little things you need to pack.

Front Main Compartment:
If you’re using the water bottle pocket and have it zipped up, a Travel Cubelet on one side and a Size 2 Travel Stuff Sack on the other gives organization and modularity.
If you’re not using the water bottle pocket and it’s unzipped, another Tri-Star Small Cube fits in here.

Vertical Laptop Compartment:
Plenty of room for a Deluxe Spiff Kit here.

Mini Yeoman Duffel
Two Aeronaut 45 Small Packing Cubes on their long narrow end next to each other, with a Spiff Kit (either size) and a Side Effect or Travel Cubelet on top.

Small Yeoman Duffel
An Aeronaut 30 Large and Small on the bottom layer (or a single WF Large), plus a Spiff Kit (either size) and a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag.

Medium Yeoman Duffel
An A45 Large and Small on the bottom layer, with an Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack for excursions along with a Spiff Kit (either size) and either size of Aeronaut Laundry Stuff Sack on the top layer.

Large Yeoman Duffel
You could use 2-3 Western Flyer Large cubes on the bottom layer and two Western Flyer Small Cubes to fill in the side. A Spiff Kit of either size fits vertically between the cubes in the center.

Hero’s Journey

Top Bag:
Either size of the Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, or an Aeronaut 45 Small Cube.

Main Bag:
Main Compartment
Treat it just like an Aeronaut 45! Either 2 large cubes or 4 small ones, or mix n’ match!
For bigger stuff, unsnap the wall between the main and lower compartment, then try a Tri-Star Large cube on the bottom, and either a second TS Large, or an A45 Large and Small on top.

Lower Compartment:
Either the Sleeping Bag stuff sack (for a sleeping bag) or two A45 End Pocket cubes.
If the wall is unsnapped, a single A45 End Pocket cube still fits!

Lid Pocket:
Either size Spiff Kit works great in here and is easily accessible.

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  • Cristina

    A Clear Quarter Packing Cube fits very well in the end pocket of a Night Flight Travel Duffle

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