July 18, 2013

Our latest collaboration with Knitty.com and Amy Singer

Knitty and TOM BIHN working together

Earlier this year, we decided it was time once again to collaborate with Amy Singer, Editor of Knitty®, on the design of new knitting bags and accessories. Yeah, we could've Skyped, but we thought it'd be even more fun to bring Amy out to visit us at our Seattle factory/company headquarters. And to celebrate the occasion, we hosted a knitting party at Metrix Create:Space. People brought their Swifts and showed us how they use them/what they carry in them, knitted, talked, we showed everyone the prototypes we'd been working on over the weekend... and Amy even tried to teach Tom how to knit (that didn't go so well) and Tom showed Amy a couple of things on a sewing machine (that went well).

Here's just one of the prototypes we came up with (a tool pouch):

Knitty and TOM BIHN working together

Read the story of Amy's visit over at the Knitty.com blog -- and learn how you can be entered to win one of the two very last Knitty Swifts available.


Sayra Adams - November 19, 2019

PLEASE! Make interchangeable knitting needle storage. There’s nothing utilitarian/sexy. Think metallic rip stop nylon.
Red, hot pink, skull prints. Everything in the knitting industry is too cute & precious. It’s about time, something fashionable and useful gets made. Chiaogoo makes killer needle sets. Their bags are not “adorable” as their advertising claims. They’re bad prints, you would see on a diaper bag. There’s room, for something non-granny and amazing.

Transparent flip files, for small projects, and circular needles. Make it happen!

TB Crew - November 19, 2019

@Sayra Adams Thanks for the feedback, Sayra. Will share this w/Tom and Nik.

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