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"No fuss required. Keep up the good work!"

Recent customer feedback:

"I'm writing to extend my thanks and appreciation for the efforts of
Eliam Puente.

I ordered an Empire Builder last month, hoping to take it on a business
trip this month. When the backorder was extended due to what I imagine
is justifiably high demand, I wrote back asking for help, and Eliam
worked with me to suggest other bags that might work for my purposes.
That in itself was an unexpected pleasure. Then, last Friday, he emailed
and called to say that there was an Empire Builder available. I was busy
arranging the trip I'm on now and couldn't respond right away, but due
to his persistence I was able to get in touch with him before the
shipping deadline and my Empire Builder was waiting for me on Monday.

I've had a large cafe bag and other bits and pieces over the last few
years, so at this point I can hardly say that I'm surprised at the
quality of your products -- but I was more than pleasantly surprised to
get such excellent, attentive, unstinting customer service, no fuss

Keep up the good work!"

- B.K.

"Hi wonderful folks at Tom Bihn! We've been so happy with our products!. On our recent trip to Istanbul,
we were sitting at the food court in Newark when we saw another traveler carrying a Steel Tri-Star, and
my husband whispers to me, "I think I like that color better." His Tri-Star? The Indigo one. So guess what?
Hubby's getting a Steel Tri-Star for Christmas! And the blue one? I'll use it when I need to pack more than
what I can fit in my Western Flyer. That's not often, but it can be, when we go on our cruises (darn those
formal nights!). Love always! Please say hi to Darcy for me. She is the best."

- Lani from

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