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New To Our Crew! Meet Fiona, Pebbles, and Bella

Pebbles, Bella, and Fiona are the newest members of the canine crew here at TOM BIHN. Their profiles are also on our About Us page.

Pebbles (main photo) is a 9-month-old Chihuahua. He has come to work with me every day since he was a puppy. Pebbles likes squeaky toys and stuffed toys, but his favorite thing is people. He get lots of attention at the factory. I've even trained him to sit and stay on my chair when I'm standing up and working! -- Araceli

Bella is an American Black Lab just shy of 6 months. Her puppy energy is limitless and we try to contain it with fetch in the backyard, long walks in the city and parks and fetch with a stick on some of the Puget Sound's beach areas. She's learning how to commute with me to work via the ferry and bus and to behave at the factory. Of course, all of this is quite challenging given her energy and the world being so new to her still. If the TV is on and there is any dog activity on it, she is glued to it. She will be experiencing an ocean beach (Copalis Beach, WA) on Super Bowl Weekend which we hope just might burn some of that puppy energy off. -- Mark

Bella the Lab Pup | TOM BIHN

Bella, Mark's Lab Pup | TOM BIHN

Fiona is fifteen weeks old. She's a Who-Knows-What mixed breed dog and is already 30lbs. (Feel free to post breed guesses in the comments!) Fiona absolutely loves clicker training: she's working on the commands sit, shake, stay, and "go to bed". She's curious about the world around her and very observant, but so far has a laid back, relaxed, and fairly calm (for a puppy) personality. On a recent weekend trip, Fiona witnessed skiers and snowshoers doing their thing for the first time and decided that, despite their odd feet and gait, they would immediately be her best friends: she ran up to them, tail wagging! One of her favorite things is when the human she's playing with lays down completely on the ground: she'll cover their face in kisses. Inevitably, her nickname will be Fifi. -- Darcy

Fiona in the TOM BIHN Factory | Dogs At Work

Fiona in the snow | TOM BIHN

Fiona in the snow | TOM BIHN


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  • All Day Ruckoff

    Incredible pics! Love these “Meet The Crew” posts :)

  • Armando

    Love the fact you can take your fur kids to work!!

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