January 8, 2013

New: 1" Waist Strap (available for order separately)

TOM BIHN 1" Waist Strap

The 1" Waist Strap can be added to many of our bags; it offers extra stability when you're hiking, riding your bike (push or motor), or running to catch the bus. Attaches with Gate Keepers and closes with a side release buckle that adjusts on both sides. Previously only available for order as an option when ordering a bag, it's now available for order separately: great if you chose not to order a 1" Waist Strap when you ordered your bag but now want one, or lost your 1" Waist Strap and would like to order a replacement. $5. In stock and ships within one business day.

TOM BIHN 1" Waist Strap

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