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4/22 Restock! Synik 30, Monster Truck, and more....

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Forum Moderator Photos and Reviews

The Forum moderators have been busy testing, experimenting with, and photographing the recent debuts. We wanted to share some of their pictures and thoughts with you.

Feature photo: maverick coordinates his yarn with his Maker's Bag.

The Maker's Bag

tpnl: "I had never had an all Dyneema bag and I was hesitant …. well I took the plunge and I am glad to say I LOVE this bag in all Dyneema!"

Ilkyway: "This bag has so many pockets and organisational features and is so clean and unfussy on the outside—very very neat!"

Badger: "It’s the perfect size for what I tend to carry on most days. I really like that it’s not too stodgy or business-like, but I feel like I could take it into a meeting without being mistaken for the intern (at least not because of my bag)."

tpnl's Maker's Bag


tpnl's Black Dyneema/Iberian Maker's Bag and First Aid Pouch. Read his review and see more pictures here.

Ilkyway's Maker's Bag set up as a camera bag.  See a ton more of her bag photos and usage ideas here.

Badger's black and white writing necessities in the Maker's Bag. See it packed as an overnight bag here.


The First and Second Aid Pouches


Ilkyway's Second Aid Pouch, ready to assist.



tpnl's Second Aid Pouch, geek edition.


There's room for a Small Shop Bag, too. Read his review here.


Citizen Canine Side Pockets

Badger: "In the right conditions, the Citizen Canine + Side Pockets could be used as a one-bag hiking solution."

moriond: "I really think the Citizen Canine, especially with the two side pockets, would make a great disaster preparedness kit, because everything fits handily around your waist."



Badger's Citizen Canine Side Pockets hold doggie treasure. Read the review here.


Ilkyway models the Citizen Canine + Side Pockets. See the other ways she can wear it here.


maverick's Citizen Canine in Verde, and vegan broccoli soup in Almost Verde. Get his recipe here.


The Tool / Pen Wrap


In Badger's hands, the Tool / Pen Wrap is a Pen(cil) / Tool  Wrap.  See the review.


The Tool / Pen Wrap is the perfect home for Ilkyway's cosmetic brushes.


The Moveable Feast

moriond: "This is the kind of bag that I would take along if I were staying somewhere (like Paris!, the Moveable Feast in question), where I wanted to do market shopping during my stay. You can flat pack the bag by folding it into thirds."


Ilkyway's Moveable Feast (in Navy) buddies up with her Maker's Bag (in Aubergine). Her review is here.


Ilkyway: "They put a shelf, yes a SHELF in there. You can have heavy cans or what have you underneath, and then put that SHELF down and put your tomatoes on." In this case, the SHELF holds three persimmons.


The Moveable Feast, as modeled by Ilkyway (height: 6' 2").


The Moveable Feast, modeled by Titus (height: 1' 5").

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