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maverick's response to "Beyond the Smooth"

maverick posted this response on Facebook to Tom's post "Beyond the Smooth":

"i've gotten so spoiled by my aeronaut. i can pack in it for a trip up the coast, to the mountains, across the world, and anyplace else. it will even hold a camping chair for my trips to india! i'd be lost without it.

but, i must point out a couple of things...

first, if you're flying air india and approach the ticket counter in new york with just an aeronaut on your back and no bags to check, you will have to deal with very confused looks from airline personnel because everyone else who is in line with you will be checking in two big suitcases, and will be carrying an overweight roll aboard onto the plane. if you're connecting to air india from another flight, you may be asked again and again if you checked your bags through at your origin. on top of that, the person checking you in may have trouble getting you checked in because their computer wasn't designed to accommodate a value of zero for the number of checked bags.

second, because you'll walk right out of the airport while everyone else who was on your flight waits around the baggage carrousel for their bags, the person picking you up may not be there waiting for you. make sure that you let the person who's picking you up know that you don't have any checked bags so they arrive on time to pick you up rather an half an hour later.

third, you will have to deal with people staring. don't worry, they aren't staring at you - you don't have toilet paper stuck to your shoe (well, i hope you don't!). they're checking out that gorgeous pack on your back! it's alright. and if someone stops you and asks, and if you have time, describe the highlights of your lovely bag.

finally, you will get so spoiled with your aeronaut, tri-star and western flyer, that if you ever have an issue with your back that necessitates using a roll aboard suitcase rather than your tom bihn bag, it will motivate you like nothing else to get your back back in shape so that you don't have to deal with a roll aboard and can continue to enjoy the freedom that these bags offer."

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