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Light travel experts weigh in on packing techniques

kjm3579 posted in the TOM BIHN Forums that s/he was ready to buy an Aeronaut but was told online that it wasn't ideal for the bundle packing method because it doesn't have tie-down/compression straps (not accurate; Tom added removable tie-down/compression straps to the Aeronaut in 2010) and that it doesn't have much "flat space" (this is why the Tri-Star, with its ample flat space, might be a better option for those who want to bundle pack.)

Frank II, owner and author of One Bag, One World (OBOW) replied:
"As the owner of a site dedicated to light, one bag travel, I can tell you my main bag is the Aeronaut and I travel wrinkle free. I also don't bundle pack as I find it to be the least efficient way to pack. And contrary to the bundle packing cult, there are other ways to pack wrinkle free."

moriond posted an excellent collection of links to other forum threads in which techniques such as rolling and bundle packing are discussed as well as the use of Packing Cubes to keep clothes wrinkle-free.

JLE and peregrina noted that Packing Cubes prevent their clothes from being wrinkled in the Aeronaut.

Lani, owner and author of The Travelite FAQ, posted:
"There are two big disadvantages to the bundle method (and I've read the book, which for the most part is pretty good):

#1: It prevents wrinkles... BUT ONLY FOR THE OUTER GARMENTS IN THE HUG/BUNDLE!! If you aren't careful, the inside garments can easily fold into each other and get just as wrinkled as always.

#2: You wind up with one huge lump. You can't get to an inner garment without unfurling the entire bundle. What this means is that when you get to your hotel/destination, you HAVE to unpack everything. Put them in dresser drawers or hang them, but they cannot stay in your carry-on."

Read the full thread in the TOM BIHN Forums. Do you bundle pack? Roll? Use Packing Cubes? Join the discussion and share your experience with wrinkle-free packing for ultralight, one bag travel.

Removable tie-down or compression straps are included with the Aeronaut travel bag

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