October 23, 2017

Introducing The Travel Cubelet

A person wearing a Mars Red Travel Cubelet.

The Travel Cubelet

In Production in Seattle, Washington, USA

Ready To Order / Ships On...
Friday, October 27th at 8:00am Pacific Time

Island Halcyon, Northwest Sky Halcyon, Viridian, Mars Red, Grass, Black, Alphaviolet, Dawn

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Meet the Travel Cubelet—we humbly present it to you as the elusively perfect mini travel purse (maybe not so humbly after all...). ​It's not too big...and not too small. It has ​lots of pockets—four, to be exact, including the main compartment—but not so many pockets that they would confound in use.

But wait, let's go back to the beginning of the story! This summer, we introduced the Cubelet, a new style of Organizer Pouch. You guys liked it as much as we did, and gave us some feedback too: “The Cubelet is great. I’d like one that’s slightly bigger to fit my phablet” and “maybe with a little more organization” and “can you make it fit my 15-inch MacBook Pro?”

When we heard all that (well, except for the last one), a lightbulb went off: perhaps a larger Cubelet, with more organization, could be our elusive mini-travel-unicorn-bag?

Prototypes were made. Prototypes were tested. And we found our answer: yes.

It's amazing how much can fit in the Travel Cubelet. In the photo above, it's packed as an in-flight amenities bag.

The flight is over, you've reached your destination, and a few items are swapped out to make the Travel Cubelet your main carry.

The Travel Cubelet needn't be stored away waiting for its next trip: it can also be used as an every day carry.


Maria Y. S. - November 19, 2019

Please place your Tom Bihn Made in USA in front of the Cubelet. Thanks!

ken - November 19, 2019

I visited your site in early September looking for a bag just like this for a month long trip to England and Portugal. I looked at stores for this type of bag and only found nasty ones made of unpleasant fabrics with ill considered designs. A well traveled friend warned me of witnessing people leaving their travel documents and passports in taxis, etc. as they arrived at airports and the need for this type of bag – never to be taken off. Unfortunately, you were not making one at the time… I found something at a National Trust shop in the UK and used it instead. Glad you caught up.

Kaz - November 19, 2019

Indeed this looks EXACTLY like the small bag I’ve been wanting. Can’t wait!

Ivy-J - November 19, 2019

I really like the concept of this bag! While in the airport/airplane I like to put all my small stuff I am carrying in a small bag. This makes the security line faster (everything i carry is already in a bag and not in my pockets) and lets me have a small bag at my seat in the plane (phone, charger, headphones, cables, snack). Security is also a big concern for me and the zippers all being on one side lets me add a small lock (for when asleep in the plane/bus/train), however; I just feel the swivels are not that strong and someone can yank it off and run away with it. It would be nice if y’all offered metal snaphooks for the 5/8"strap! :)

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