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Introducing our custom 1050d ballistic nylon in Navy

TOM BIHN Introducing our custom 1050d ballistic nylon in Navy

We've received shipment of our new custom 1050d ballistic nylon color: Navy. A rich, deeply hued blue, Navy is the result of months of back-and-forth with our fabric mill, ensuring the color met our exacting standards. We'll introduce various bags for pre-order in Navy tomorrow (there may even be a few photos of actual bags to show you) but wanted to give you a sneak peak at the new color today.

TOM BIHN Introducing our custom 1050d ballistic nylon in Navy

More about our custom-produced fabrics:
We use only the best quality 1050 denier ballistic nylon. It's made in the U.S.A and finished (dyed and coated) to our specifications. This cloth is available off-the-shelf in Black, but because there's virtually no domestic demand for colors, colors other than black are made only to order. The minimum quantity we need to have dyed (a "dye lot") is relatively quite large, especially for a small company like ours that enjoys offering a wide variety of colors. Currently, that's over 21 different colors and fabrics, and we plan to add more.

TOM BIHN Introducing our custom 1050d ballistic nylon in Navy
Candi, Irma, and Tom inspect our new Navy fabric.

The high-tenacity nylon yarns from which 1050d ballistic nylon are woven can be very difficult to dye, compared to, for example, the standard nylon typically found in imported 1680 "ballistic". (One of our fabric mills tested our 1050d ballistic nylon against the 1680 stuff; see the results of that test here.) We've had to reject more than a few batches of 1050d because it was streaky, too soft, or simply not the exact color we envisioned. And because we can't just run down to the corner fabric store and pick up a roll in some stock color, we've decided not to announce new colors until we actually have them in-house and they've met our strict standards.

We're very impressed with the quality of our new 1050d ballistic nylon in Navy and plan to share more photos with you over the next weeks as various bags become available in the new fabric.

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