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guydickins: Tri Star - review and thoughts compared to the Aeronaut

"My first 'proper' post, so thought I'd do a review of my just purchased Tri-Star and compare it with my much loved Aeronaut.

I live and travel in the UK/EU, and I've been a Tom Bihn customer since late 2001 - first purchase was a Brain Bag (donated to a colleague), an Empire Builder (sold on, as I move to smaller and smaller computers), several Brain Cells (why oh why no 11" Air Brain Cell?), an Aeronaut, and now, the latest, a Tri-Star.

I've travelled a lot with my bags - especially the Aeronaut, and I thought I'd try and contribute a bit to the fantastic reviews and resources that have helped me in the past."

Read the full comparison review by guydickins in the Forums.

guydickins: Tri Star - review and thoughts compared to the Aeronaut

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