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The Guide's Pack is back with Edgeless EV50 1/2" Shoulder Straps

After being sold out for the last few months, The Guide's Pack has been restocked today with two updates:

Edgeless EV50 1/2" Shoulder Straps in Coyote

Conformity is overrated — except, perhaps, when it comes to shoulder straps. The edgelessness of this new strap allows it to more softly conform to your shoulder; we find that this increases comfort. Yet the straps aren’t too soft: the 1/2” thick EVAZOTE® OEKO-TEX® certified foam means the strap is robust enough to carry a heavy load. They're the ideal straps for a large daypack like The Guide's pack.

Our new Edgeless EV50 1/2″ Shoulder Strap is quite similar to the strap of our Luminary backpack -- it differs in that it’s thicker and the contour is adjusted to be more proportionate to a larger backpack -- and first debuted with the Synik 22 and Synik 30.

A new shoulder strap design is a big deal, and we spent a lot of time testing these (and having various people test them for us and provide feedback). While it’s impossible to make a strap (or bag, or world, or whatever) that everyone will unanimously love, so far, most folks who have been using the Synik seem to find the Edgeless straps quite comfortable. We personally love them, and that's part of the reason we decided to make this next batch of Guide's Packs with the Edgeless straps.

Updated Padded Hip Belt

A minor update, but a worthy one: the optional Guide's Pack Padded Hip Belt will now attach via two 1-1/2" Gatekeepers instead of four 1" Gatekeepers. That's two less Gatekeepers to fiddle with!

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