January 17, 2013

Gear List – 12 Month Round the World Trip

Gear List – 12 Month Round the World Trip

Gear List – 12 Month Round the World Trip

Excerpted from the post "Gear List – 12 Month Round the World Trip" @ The Quest for Awesome:

You’re leaving the country for a year. What do you pack?

It took me 6 months to finish answering this question. Not only did people say I was crazy when I told them I’d be trying to do it with a 32 liter bag, they said it wasn’t possible. I ended up leaving the country with a 26 liter backpack [the Smart Alec].

Traveling as light as possible was the driving factor because of the freedom it allows (and partially just to see if I could do it). When a 26 L backpack is all I have:
There’s no need to check baggage
I look less like a tourist
I have higher mobility
I have lower dependency on having to find a spot to store/lockup my bag

Read the full post, complete with a detailed packing list, over at The Quest for Awesome.

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