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Forum Roundup: Not About Bags

[caption id="attachment_9985" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Aeon’s new Burnt Orange Synapse 25 Aeon’s new Burnt Orange Synapse 25[/caption]

While people join the Forum to discuss or learn about Tom Bihn Bags, many members have found kindred spirits who share their other passions.  The dedicated space for these discussions is the Not About Bags Forum, where almost anything is fair game for discussion.  There have been a number of interesting threads popping up as of late, so here are some tidbits of What We Talk About When We Aren’t Talking About Bags.

One perennial favorite topic: cute and fuzzy animals.  Take a peek at the 6 page long thread on Forum members’ pets for tons of photos and anecdotes (though arachnophobes might want to steer clear of post #35, which features Miking’s buddy Renton).  Click here for an older thread on companion animals.

Other threads are resurrected periodically because they focus on items that inspire the same brand loyalty that forum members devote to Tom Bihn Bags. One such thread is about Moleskine notebooks, started by KarlJ in 2009.  Way back then everyone probably thought that in 2014 we would be writing with the power of our minds (wink), but jump to the end of the thread to read scribe and eWalker’s discussion about writing longhand and the romance of putting pen to paper.  (Speaking of pens and paper, click here for an earlier thread on writing tools, and here for a discussion of notebooks in general.)

Recently, some members have turned their attention to clothing.  Check out this thread that explores the notion that people look better if they dress according the most flattering color palette for them, a topic explored in Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful.  This thread raises the subject of the “capsule wardrobe,” which is considered here, on streamlining one’s wardrobe using techniques outlined on the Project 333 website.  For a thoughtful thread on decluttering and living more simply, click here.

Some of these topics appear in a thread begun just yesterday by kkintea, who recounted what she learned from other forum members in the past year.  What might you learn (or teach others) about this year?

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