September 3, 2015

Factory Showroom Update

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory Showroom Update

As usual, we're doing things our way, and in the case of the Seattle Factory Showroom, that means we're taking our time with its remodel. (You're welcome to make an appointment—206-652-4123 or—to come by as long as you're cool with our happy remodeling chaos.)

The work we're doing conceiving our new Factory Showroom space is much like Tom's process when he designs a new bag. There's a lot of imagining and sketching as well as actual physical renderings and manifestations. We're building tables and store displays and, sometimes, taking them apart and re-engineering them because of a new idea we've had. We're adding more of ourselves: a side table built by Tom's grandfather, bags and jackets Tom made when he was a teenager, plants from Darcy's house, comfy chairs and some of our favorite books.

If you think of our Seattle Factory Showroom as just a retail store, it might seem like this is all taking a bit of a long time—entirely new Chipotles are built in mere weeks, after all. But if you can think of our Factory Showroom as we do—a way we invite you into our work, our lives, our family—you'll perhaps understand why it's something we aren't rushing. Regardless, we appreciate your patience, your kindness, and your encouragement; marching to the beat of our own drum sometimes means we don't do what's expected (especially in the business world).

This coming December will mark the 25 year anniversary of Tom opening his first shop in Santa Cruz, California. Our Factory Showroom will be open then and we're talking about the best way to celebrate that anniversary. It's also worth noting that this milestone is, in part, what saved the Factory Showroom. As demand for our bags continues to grow and we grow along with that demand, space here at our headquarters in Seattle is also in demand: we need it for sewing machines, shipping tables, desks, lunch/break room tables, and people, too. Because of that, we considered closing the Factory Showroom: it makes much more business sense to use the Showroom space for production and fulfillment. But you like visiting us and we like that too, so for now anyway, the Seattle Factory Showroom is here to stay. We'll continue to keep you posted on its progress.

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory Showroom Update

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory Showroom Update

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory Showroom Update

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory Showroom Update


TB Crew - November 19, 2019

@Dana D. Yay! Glad you’ll be able to come by in January — that’ll be way fun.

Dana D. - November 19, 2019

The Bihnions understand; we look forward to seeing it! Now I’m excited because I’m planning on being out that way in January and will get to see the new showroom.

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