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DIY Logo Gift Wrap

src="https://blog.tombihn.comimages/paperblog.jpg" alt="TOM BIHN DIY Logo Gift Wrap $2" width="450" height="177">
This year we are offering a DIY Logo Gift Wrap Kit consisting of a 36" x 48" sheet of natural Kraft paper with our logo Farman F-121 Jabiru airplane printed in black. Also included is a small roll of clear tape. You can order the DIY Logo Gift Wrap Kit here, or add it to your order on most product pages. $2.

Watch maverick's video demonstrating our DIY Logo Gift Wrap.

src="https://blog.tombihn.comimages/wrappingpaperblog2.jpg" alt="TOM BIHN DIY Logo Gift Wrap $2" width="450" height="322">
A Cafe bag and Kit wrapped

Why are we offering a DIY Gift Wrap Kit instead of offering to wrap your package for you? First of all, we suggest that you wrap the box in which your TOM BIHN order arrives, after removing the extra items you ordered for yourself and/or adding whatever surprises you want to further personalize your gift box. Second, we're really good at making bags but wrapping gifts isn't our strong suit -- and we are almost positive that our customers can do a better job than we can. Lastly, if we wrap your package, we then need to consume even more resources to then box the wrapped package. You wrapping your own TOM BIHN box saves about 33% in packaging, which at least Tom thinks is pretty cool.
src="https://blog.tombihn.comimages/wrappingpaperblog3.jpg" alt="TOM BIHN DIY Logo Gift Wrap $2" width="450" height="230">
Decorated with Color Key Straps

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