November 28, 2016

Debut! Side Kick, Little Swift, Snake Charmers, Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack


Side Kick
The Side Kick is a larger version of our Side Effect, a bag that evolved directly from user feedback (mostly from folks on our Forums). Though twice the volume, the Side Kick is still of modest size, and is overall a highly useful little bag. We’ve added more internal pockets for further organization, and we’ve nudged the O-ring placement around a bit to better match the design of our Organizer Pouches.

Little Swift: Encore, Encore!
The Little Swift is the smaller version of our Swift knitting bag—a shoulder bag specifically for knitters and crafty types, designed by Tom in collaboration with the readers of Knitty® magazine. Though it was officially retired in 2014, we've decided to bring it back for one more production run. To make this encore extra fun, we’re offering the Little Swift in a ton of special color combinations

Snake Charmer: Design Update and New Sizes
Originally intended to organize small electronic accessories, our handy two-compartment Snake Charmer can be used in umpteen other ways: ad-hoc toiletries kit, tool bag, or even as a nifty lunch kit. We’re now offering the Snake Charmer in two sizes—Small and Large—and have updated its design: we tweaked the shape, swapped the #8 zippers with metal sliders with #5 zippers with plastic sliders, and added an extra O-ring to each compartment and a triangle snap-hook on one end.

Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack
The Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack is a lightweight pack that can be used in-transit as a Packing Cube inside of our Aeronaut 30 convertible travel bag. Once you've reached your destination, it can be unpacked, turned right side out, and carried as a backpack, sling bag or waist pack.

Three New Sizes of Yeoman Duffel
The Yeoman Duffel is about to get even more useful now that we've introduced it in three new sizes: Mini, Small, and Medium. The Yeomen nest together perfectly when they're not in use; when you're ready to embark on your next adventure, they will be at the ready to cheerfully schlep all the necessary gear.

What can't this size be used for?! It's a great bag for stowing car gear: first aid kit, snacks, chargers, sunscreen, water bottles. Or use it as a basic needs overnight bag with a change of clothes, a few toiletries, and a phone charger. It's also the perfect size for hauling kid treasures—and because it's made of tough 1050d Ballistic nylon, it can withstand being dragged around.

We know folks who use the Yeoman Duffel, Size Small as a golf bag or a small gym bag. We've used ours to pack food supplies for trips to the cabin. It's also great as a family day trip bag: pack your sunscreen, jackets, hats, binoculars, tablets, coloring books/art supplies, snacks, and be on your way.

You can fit a surprising amount of gear into the Yeoman Duffel, Size Medium. And, honestly, one of the great things about it is that you can unceremoniously toss stuff into it when you're in a rush. There's no small compartments or pockets on the inside to get in your way. Toss in your gear and go! The Medium is a great size for two people to share as a travel bag: let your stuff co-mingle, or use color-coded Packing Cubes to keep "mine" separate from "yours."

We used our Yeoman Duffel, Size Large to pack and check on our flight (those lockable luggage sliders came in handy!) a three-person tent, four sleeping bags, four sleeping pads and a first-aid-kit for a trip to Yellowstone National Park. It can also hold enough linens for a queen sized bed: sheets, duvet/comforter, and two pillows—perfect for toting to family reunions or holiday gatherings when you know there won't be enough bedding to go around.

Travel Tray, Small
The Travel Tray, Small joins our original size of Travel Tray (now named size Large). This was a last minute addition to the items debuting today: we designed, made, and tested this new size of Travel Tray in under two weeks. It was inspired by Saltgirl of the TB Forums, who kindly agreed to swing by our Seattle Factory Showroom and test the prototype that we had made. With her approval and that of Tom, Nik, and the rest of the crew here at the factory, the Travel Tray, Small was made.

Bags in Island Halcyon 200d
Back in early 2016, members of our Forum voted to make Island Halcyon 200d a regular offering. We're excited to re-introduce Island, which will join the existing Halcyon 200d lineup: Iberian, Wasabi, Ultraviolet, and Northwest Sky. Starting today, look for Island as a bag lining and color option for accessories—click here for a list of specific items.

Bags in Sitka, Monarch, and Fjord Halcyon 200d
We thought we had used up all of these three Limited Edition fabrics in early spring. Imagine our surprise when we found some of each tucked away in a corner! This happy discovery led us to make some bags and accessories in Sitka (emerald green), Monarch (dark orange), and Fjord (dark teal). A detailed list of which bags and accessories are available in Sitka, Monarch, and Fjord can be found here.

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