November 30, 2015

Introducing the Citizen Canine Side Pockets

Introducing Citizen Canine Side Pockets | TOM BIHN

Go outside, says my dog, go outside and get a little muddy. Just take me with you.

Whether you and your dog hike, walk, or go on road trips together, you know he doesn't need much to keep him happy. But if you find you need to carry some snacks for him, or a toy, or some poop bags (because friends don’t let friends leave that stuff lying around), the Citizen Canine can hold all of that and more.

If you need a bit more space you’ll welcome the Citizen Canine Side Pockets, a pair of zippered pouches that clip sturdily onto the Citizen Canine’s belt loops and clasp around your waist. Each  Pocket has a 1 liter capacity and zips shut with #8 YKK coil zippers. Inside you’ll find just enough structure for the pouch to keep its shape while providing maximum flexibility in terms of how you organize the space. Each pouch has an O-ring, too. The pockets are constructed from US-made 1050D ballistic nylon in colors to match your Citizen Canine.

Side Pockets give you the ability to carry more food or treats, a very light vest or jacket, first aid items, or keep one dog’s nibbles separate from another’s when you’re out and about. The waist strap will keep the Citizen Canine and the Side Pockets secure around your middle, allowing you to maintain a full range of motion and keep your hands free at the dog park, on the trail, or wherever you go. If you don’t need all of the space afforded by both Side Pockets, simply remove one Pocket and re-attach half of the Citizen Canine's standard waist belt: voilà, you have a more compact Citizen Canine ready to go. 

Adding Side Pockets to your Citizen Canine expands its capacity, possibly enabling you to leave your other bags at home. If you have what you need and an easy way to access it, you’re free to focus on spending time with your buddy, taking a walk, running on the beach, maybe playing a bit of fetch in the rain—anything that sustains you until you do it again.

Introducing Citizen Canine Side Pockets | TOM BIHN

Introducing Citizen Canine Side Pockets | TOM BIHN

Introducing Citizen Canine Side Pockets | TOM BIHN


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