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Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

Brian Stowell's Camera I-O and Brain Bag review

"My work has very particular needs and quirks. I travel with bands selling merchandise and taking photos - meaning I'm gone for weeks at a time (often 2-3 or more). I live out of two bags: my Brain Bag and my Aeronaut. The Brain Bag is my "mobile office". The only time I'm not carrying it and working directly out of it, is when I'm asleep. For shorter trips (7-10 days), I use my Tri-Star. I never get to unpack during that time. I travel by plane, tour bus, van, cab and more. Everything needs to be as condensed and organized as possible, and all of my gear needs to be secure and within reach at all times. Up until now, when I went on tour, my camera body was wrapped in a t-shirt or hoodie,my two main lenses were wrapped in boot socks, and all three were stuffed into the main front pocket of my Brain Bag. Secure! Now [with the Camera I-O] I have built in padding, a built in carrying option, and a rigid structure for my bag and camera."

Read Brian's full review in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Brian Stowell's Camera I-O and Brain Bag review

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