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Our Bookshelves

We think it's totally fun checking out other people's bookshelves: it's interesting and we learn about books we perhaps otherwise wouldn't. So, we put a call out to members of our Forum as well as our staff to send us photos of their bookshelves. Here they are!

NWhikergal | TOM BIHN

blackbird's books | TOM BIHN

CeePee, who notes: "My 'bookshelf,' which is actually the step between my living room and kitchen. It contains all of my hard-copy books. Whenever possible I will buy ebooks; that way I can fit the majority of my library into most of my Tom Bihn bags."
On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

mausermama, who notes: "It is an honest photo. No books were changed. Nothing was dusted (I have a severe dislike of dusting, judging from the bookshelves in my home). Nor were the brainier books moved to the front (I really wanted to, believe me!). These are just a teeny tiny sampling of the books I have in my home. As a homeschooling mom of three who loves to read, books just accumulate. Even my Kindle is bowing under the weight of thousands of titles!"
On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

Janine's Bookshelf | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

Beth C, who notes: "This is a subsection of my books. The truth is that they represent some of my historical reading (i.e., from a few years ago), and the books I chose to keep when I gave away a lot of them in a de-cluttering. Most of my current reading is on the Kindle."
Beth C. Books | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

Nik's Books | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

On Our Bookshelves | TOM BIHN

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