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Beers & Beans: Straight Outta Seattle @TOMBIHN Tri-Star Review

Beers & Beans review of the TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

We're sharing with you an excerpt from the Beers & Beans review of the Tri-Star. Tomorrow, we'll post an excerpt from their review of the Aeronaut. If you want to read both reviews now, head over to the Beers & Beans site (you'll probably want to do that anyway because it's a great travel blog, with, as you'll see if you haven't already, great writing and great photos.)

Freeing the bag from its cardboard shipping cage, I held midnight blue luggage into the air as if it were a newborn cub and I was its proud father.

“My god, this is a piece of work,” I thought to myself, just then realizing Beth had the same gleam in her eye too.

The bag was sleek, cool and had more pockets than a 1980s Michael Jackson jacket. Immediately, I had visions of being that minimalist traveler you see strolling through the airport with only a carry on. Confident, light and happy, they step on and off the plane with ease, slipping their luggage easily into and out of overhead bins.

I wanted to be light and airy too. Even more so, I wanted to be light and airy in Europe. And that’s when it hit me. “By George,” I exclaimed silently, “could I take this bag on our upcoming Hazy Shade of Autumn Tour?”

Unzipping the bag, I got my answer: ‘Yes!’

Read the full review at Beers & Beans

 Beers & Beans review of the TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

Beers & Beans review of the TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

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