June 3, 2020

All the bag news: Synik pre-order, restocks, and retirements

A person at a beach wearing the Synik 30.

We’re preparing to resume manufacturing bags as soon as this week. Yay! Never worry, though: we’ll still be making Reusable Cloth Face Masks. Speaking of which: we've donated over 54,000 masks as of today.

There’s a lot to share, so use the directory below to jump to the parts you’re most interested in. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments or emailus@tombihn.com

Monday, June 8th: Synik 22 + Synik 30 pre-order opens

We plan to kick things off by offering a pre-order for the Synik 22 and Synik 30 backpacks; those are the two packs you’ve been asking us about the most, so we’ve decided to offer both as a pre-orders to ensure you get to choose the exact color combination you want (as opposed to that color selling out before you get a chance to order.)

The details:

Our plans for an expanded pre-order system

We plan to offer even more pre-orders: pre-orders are a way that we can continue to offer occasional production runs of designs without fully retiring them and debut more new designs. Offering more pre-orders means pre-orders may overlap; our default will be to wait to ship your pre-order until all items are ready, or you’ll have the option of automatically paying an additional shipping charge to have pre-orders shipped as they’re completed.

Example: let’s say you place a pre-order for the Synik (ships by late July), and in  early July, we offer Brain Bags (ships by early August) for pre-order. You’d be able to add your Brain Bag pre-order to your Synik pre-order; we automatically combine the pre-orders and your order for the Synik and Brain Bag will would be scheduled to ship by early August. Want to receive your Synik in late July and the Brain Bag in early August? You’d have the option of adding a second shipping charge to your cart that would tell us “Hey, ship all the *available* items that are currently in my pre-order Then, upon leaving the forest, you find yourself in a clearing, and you see two different paths…. oops, got carried away there.

We’ll of course make an effort to plan our production schedule and pre-orders so that the offerings and delivery dates make sense and pair up well.

The bags we'll be manufacturing first for in-stock (not pre-order)

A number of bags and pouches were either cut or partially made on the factory floor when we stopped making bags and began making face masks. Naturally, as these bags are in mid-process, they're amongst the bags we'll be making/completing first as soon as we resume bag manufacturing and putting in-stock on the website for immediate order.

Here's the list, in order of soonest restock. Note that some of these bags were very, very close to being completed (there are even some at Quality Assurance!) so they'll be restocked quite quickly.

Handy Little Thing (HLT) 1 & (HLT) 2

Daylight Backpack

Synapse 25 

Side Effect

Side Kick 



Brain Bag


Monster Truck

Small & Large Snake Charmer

3D Clear Organizer Cube

Travel Stuff Sacks 

Luminary 15

And.... more. We're going to give ourselves some time to ramp up and complete these existing production runs before we announce the batch of bags in the works. 

Bag designs that will be retiring

This list isn’t all that long because our hope is that our new expanded pre-order system will allow us to move more designs to semi-retirement (we’ll make occasional production runs based on email sign-ups/interest) as opposed to full retirement.

Still, here’s the list of designs we don’t plan to make again:

Cordura or Parapack Organizer Pouch (sold out)

Padded Organizer Pouch (Size Small still available)

Luminary 12 (four colors still available)

Pick-Up Truck (eleven colors available)

Yeoman Duffel (most sizes/colors available)

Clear Quarter Packing Cube (some colors still available)

Travel Money Belt (sizes Large and Extra Large available)

All Skookum Dog items (still available are Camp Mats and Skookum Dog Organizer Pouches!)

If there’s stock of these as you read this post, know it won’t be available forever; order sooner rather than later.

And finally: our Almost Gone category page lists bags that have at least some color combinations that are almost sold out and perhaps won't be made again.


Nick - June 29, 2020

I’d love to see the Synapse 25 in Olive (or another green – Verde?) again!

Brian - June 29, 2020

Not the Yoeman duffel! At least the mini and the small. For the live of Pete!

Kevin Kenny - June 11, 2020

Did you also retire the Halcyon Daylight Briefcase?

I no longer see this listed on the product page. Thank you,

Shalaina Banks - June 5, 2020

I see that there is only one color for the Yeoman mini and it is listed as in production. Will I be able to purchase one since it’s slated for retirement or is the Yeoman mini done? I really want one since I’m unable to do a a NFTD and the mini is the closest I’m gonna get to one, lol.

GeetaJonsdottir - June 4, 2020

So exciting! Thanks for the update.

Speaking of different color combos, will the Synik 30 Deep Blue with Solaris interior be coming back? I saw this particular iteration when traveling in the Before Times and have been wracked with envy ever since.

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