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A Great Surprise (made with Dyneema/nylon selvage)

In February of 2011, we posted a photo on our blog of Dyneema/nylon selvage. Typically, we throw the selvage away -- there's not much we can do with it here. You guys had the great idea of knitting or crocheting with the selvage, so we sent you bags of selvage to experiment with. It wasn't the easiest stuff to work with, but there were some successes: dorayme crocheted Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon selvage, and today, Katy opened this surprise package from gochicken (of the TB Forums):

TOM BIHN dyneema/nylon selvage turned intro slippers

TOM BIHN dyneema/nylon selvage turned intro slippers

TOM BIHN dyneema/nylon selvage turned intro slippers

The bottoms of the slippers use knitted Dyneema/nylon selvage in Solar. This is, we think, a great use for the selvage.

New slippers

Want to try knitting, crocheting, or doing something else crafty with our Dyneema/nylon (Cordura is also available) selvage? Send us an email and we'll send you a bag of selvage. We don't expect an awesome pair of slippers in return, but we do ask that you send us a photo of what you've created. (Note: craft at your own risk, but we specifically don't recommend crafting anything like pot holders with Dyneema/nylon -- they wouldn't give you much protection from heat and might melt!)

TOM BIHN dyneema/nylon selvage

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