August 28, 2021

Notes on the 8/30 Restock

Notes on the 8/30 Restock

There's a few surprises in the 8/30 Restock ~ read on for the details. 

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New and returning:

Large Shepherd’s Wool Utility Cloth

This is a very large edition of the Original Shepherd’s Wool Utility Cloth — we use ours as a lightweight blanket.

Clear Organizer Wallet

Folks were bummed when we retired the Clear Organizer Wallet (COW) so we’ve brought it back — this time, it has brown Ultrasuede dividers and is available in various 1000d Cordura, 525d ballistic, and 1050d ballistic colors.

The Grab Bag

A simple but incredibly versatile new pouch made in two stock colors (Navy Parapack and Boreal Tough Stuff) and various limited quantity fabrics and colors from our collection of fabric samples. This month’s limited quantity options are:

Faded Leopard Print Vinyl (very very low quantity), Wasabi 500d (low quantity), Texturized Orange (high quantity).

The Grab Mark marks the official debut of Boreal Tough Stuff.  Boreal is a texturized high tenacity 1000d nylon that was woven, dyed, and finished in the U.S.A. It’s a green unlike any other that we’ve offered: it’s slightly lighter and more green than Olive, but that description doesn’t begin to do it justice. 

Before being woven, high tenacity yarns are drawn (stretched, like taffy) in the spinning process, aligning the molecules and yielding a fabric almost twice as tough as commonly available fabrics. High tenacity yarns are tough and hard to dye: some high tenacity yarns may refuse to fully submit to the dying process, resulting in occasional lighter yarns. It produces a slightly weathered appearance and it’s basically proof that the yarns are high tenacity. On occasion, some weave lots of high tenacity fabric proves harder to dye than other weave lots — and that’s the case with our Boreal 1000d. Its heathered appearance is more pronounced (as well as more inconsistent) than we’ve previously seen.

We aren’t sure if Boreal will be offered in other bags. We don’t mind its weathered appearance — in fact, we like it, as it creates a weathered look due to its inconsistency that reminds us of wonderfully broken-in 1000d Cordura — but we aren’t sure if you’ll agree. We almost offered it in some larger bags, but decided to put it out there in the Grab Bag first to see what you think (be sure to let us know!)


Synik 30

First time that the Synik 30 has been made available in 1000d Cordura (Beaver Camo, Olive).

Synapse 25

First time available in 1000d Cordura (Beaver Camo, Red Blend), 630d 50% Recycled (Seapine, Logic), and Night Walk 400d Halcyon.

Guide’s Edition Paragon

This is the last production run ever of the Guide’s Edition Paragon.

Le Grand Derriere

First time that the LGD has been offered with an exterior of 400d Halcyon.

Daylight Backpack

Note: this production run of Daylight Backpacks features the original webbing straps. We expect to offer a production run with our new Contour straps (debuting on the Paradigm and Zeitgeist) later this year.

Everyday Cubelet

The most popular colors restocked! Note: this production run of Everyday Cubelets are lined with Aether in Northwest Sky.

3D Organizer Cube, Clear

Back in 200d Halcyon.


Stacey Jirdan - September 9, 2021

Sorry Yes all fabric 3D cube

Stacey Jordan - September 1, 2021

I would love to see the 3D organize cube in fabric. Any color would do.
TOM BIHN replied:
All Fabric 3D Cube? Noted!

Alice - August 31, 2021

I would love to see a restock of the Everyday Cubelet in Mars Red and Nightwalk!
TOM BIHN replied:
Mars Red will happen next batch, but not Night Walk ~ so far, we’ve kept the Halcyon options to the 200d weight :)

Laura - August 30, 2021

Will this be a limited production of the COW or is it back permanently?
TOM BIHN replied:
The COW is back for at least a while ~ it sold out quite quickly today and we’ll offer several more production runs so everyone can get a chance to order one, if they’d like.

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