July 18, 2022

7/19 Low Quantity Restock - Road Buddy, Smart Alec, Swift, and More

TOM BIHN Road Buddy Duffel 36

Below is a list of low quantity items that we will be restocking on 7/19 at 7:00am PDT**. These items are a mix of pre-order cancellations, returns, inventory miscounts, and other reconciliations. There's a varying handful (in most cases under 5) of each color listed below.

**Often times our system isn't able to make all the bags listed below live at 7:00am PDT on the dot, you may see a few minutes of lag.

Road Buddy Duffel 36 

Road Buddy Duffel 60

Smart Alec


Little Swift

Large Cafe Bag

The Sprout Kid's Pack




Maura - July 20, 2022

so anticipated getting my hands on a swift-I hope you do a full restock soon, and maybe add cork! I had one of the originals, and absolutely loved it!
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Maura! Hopefully, we can fit in a full restock either later this year or a pre-order early next year! However, Cork has been retired for some time now, so chances are we’ll just be seeing any new batches in our regular nylon fabrics.

Jen - July 19, 2022

Well shoot. Count me in on missing the Swift bags. :(
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Jen! We definitely didn’t mean to disappoint. Hopefully, we can fit in a full restock (not just the leftovers) later this year or a pre-order early next year!

Angelia Reed - July 19, 2022

Did I miss the Swift restock?
TOM BIHN replied:
HI Angelia! We only had a handful (not a full restock, just leftovers) and they sold out very quickly.

Mae - July 19, 2022

Been waiting for the restock of the Swift. Have not seen it available in any color Is it already sold out of the restock on July 19? Thanks.
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Mae! We only had a small handful (not a full restock, just some leftovers from pre-orders), and they sold out rather quickly this morning.

Magoo - July 18, 2022

Do you have a place where these colors are listed with fabric examples? I tried looking at other products but I could only find a few of the same colors. I’ve been waiting for a swift for awhile and would like to be prepared. Thanks!
TOM BIHN replied:
Fabric types have been added! Hope that helps.

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