November 30, 2012

4 day winter trip with one bag: the Synapse

TOM BIHN Synapse: one bag for a four day trip

"As an experiment/challenge, I am on a 4 day wintery work trip with only my synapse. In the bag are two sweaters, one sweater vest, two dress shirts, one night shirt, one t-shirt, three pairs of socks and two undies. Also packed toiletries, two notebooks, snacks, glass bowl, utensils, phone charger and wallet. the amazing thing about the synapse is how it can be stuffed to the gills without squashing anything. The pocket placement is so perfectly engineered to maintain a cute shape and balanced weight distribution. I haven't lacked anything. Next experiment: 18 days abroad."

Posted by conversa in the TOM BIHN Forums.

TOM BIHN Synapse: one bag for a four day trip

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