January 20, 2022

1/25 Pre-Order & Restock Notes

Le Petit Derriere LPD in Boreal Ruff Stuff

Our next pre-order and restock is Tuesday 1/25 at 7:00am Pacific Time. Want to see everything that'll be available for pre-order and restocked in one spot? Visit the 1/25 Restock page. Have questions? Ask in the comments (you'll be notified via email when we respond!)

Available for Pre-Order on 1/25

Yeoman Duffel

It's (finally) back! We've been looking for a window in our busy production calendar that'd allow us to offer the Yeoman once again, and here it is. Same colors and fabrics as the Summer 2021 restock, so if you missed out then, now's your chance!

Le Petit Derrière

You guessed it: this is a smaller version of the original Le Grande Derriere. Folks had asked us if we'd ever offer a smaller size, and we thought that was a good idea so we got to work. The LPD as small as we could make it with the front pockets being useful for more than just looks. 

New to pre-orders? 

They work like this: you order it, we sew it in Seattle. You can cancel your pre-order or change the shipping address up until three days before it ships. Check out our Pre-Order FAQ or emailus@tombihn.com with any questions you might have.

Pre-order closes 2/1. Both bags have an estimated shipping date of early April.

You're welcome to order in-stock bags and restocked bags along with your pre-order. You can also place additional orders and add bags to your held pre-order up until several days before it ships (we'll send you an email heads-up about that!) Our default is to hold those bags and ship them with your pre-order once it's ready. If you'd like the in-stock bags to ship sooner, either place a separate order for those or, once the order is placed, log in to your TOM BIHN account to choose to have in-stock items shipped right away.

1/25 Restocks

Luminary 15

Synik 30

Synik 30/Synapse 25 Freudian Slip

Small and Medium Cafe Bags

Monster Truck

Small and Large Snake Charmers

3D Clear Organizer Cube

First/Second Aid Organizer Pouches

Cache (sizes 15A and 15B)




Cody - January 23, 2023

No chance of the Le Grande Derriere restocking?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Cody! We’ve retired the Le Grande Derriere and don’t have any plans for any batches for it right now. We could definitely see something like a pre-order for it in the future though. :)

Lisa - January 29, 2022

Is this our last chance at the Yeoman duffels or will there occasionally be other preorders or restocks?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Lisa! We would consider offering the Yeoman again later this year or early next year. What’s holding us back from keeping this is stock is our limited supply of snaps, which are used on the Yeomans and the Aeronauts that we plan on bringing back soon. We have another order of snaps coming later this year. It’s hard to say how the timeline will play out given the supply chain slowdowns we have been experiencing. If you are looking for a Yeoman that you can use spring / summer, I definitely would recommend ordering now.

Kate - January 21, 2022

Will the first and second aid pouches have the option to add pouchkins?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Kate! The pouchkins are actually retired, so there won’t be an option this time around.

Ben - January 20, 2022

Thank you for the updates! I love to see what the team is cooking up! I was wondering if you have an ETA on Freudian Slip for the Tri-Star/Empire Builder/Western Flyer?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Ben! Thanks for stopping by to leave a note. Lots happening at TOM BIHN, we try to keep customers as updated as possible. We don’t have an ETA yet on the Freudian Slip for the Tri-Star / Empire Builder / Western Flyer, but we will keep this in mind as we plan our production cycles!

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