November 11, 2021

11/16 Restock Notes

11/16 Restock Notes
Our next restock will be on Tuesday, November 16th at 7:00am PT. This restock is actually two restocks combined: for various logistical reasons, it made the most sense to combine them into one. Want to see everything that'll be restocked on one page? Visit the 11/16 Restock page.

Have questions? Ask in the comments (you'll be notified via email when we respond!) We'll (sort-of) answer one question we've already been getting: yes, we will be debuting a few new designs on Monday, November 29th, per tradition. We'll be sharing hints about those designs (plus more news from the TOM BIHN headquarters right here in Seattle) in another blog post later this week or early next.

Zeitgeist & Paradigm

Images of the Paradigm (left, in Taiga 400d) and Zeitgeist (right, in Night Walk 400d) side-by-side.

Let's pop a mini bottle of bubbly (which does fit in the Paradigm's water bottle pocket, by the way) — this is the first time these two backpacks have been stocked. We made an effort to make quite a lot for this restock to ensure they wouldn't sell out, though some colors are lower quantities than others (looking at you, Paradigm in Mayura!) Our production schedule is quite... scheduled, so if you're hoping for a particular color of either of these packs, you may want to place your order sooner rather than later. 

Synapse 19

Person wearing a Synapse 19 standing on a rock at the beach, taking a photo.

Little known fact: the Synapse 19 was originally designed by Tom as a day-hiking pack, and it's been quite well used (and loved) as such. That said, it's most popular as either a travel backpack or an everyday carry. But that's the great thing, right? You could hike, travel, or go to the office or cafe with the same pack.

Synik 22

It could be said that there is nothing little known about the Synik: it's up there as one of our most popular designs. We're doing our best to keep these in-stock, and here's some of that best.

Pop Tote

Ever grab a tote and use it as your main bag? Put your laptop or tablet inside, jacket, a good book, lunch, the mail, whatever thing you see in a shop that delights you. The Pop Tote is perfect for that, and its zip-top gives some peace of mind and comfort along the day.

Parental Unit

We offered the Parental Unit for pre-order this year; these are the bags leftover from this summer's pre-order after color swaps and cancellations. There's not many, and we don't know when or if we'll make PUs again. Originally designed to serve as a diaper bag, some folks use the PU as an EDC or as a camera bag.


Person walking while wearing a PIKA pouch cross-body.

It's a long story, but we thought that the PIKA as we knew it was no longer possible. You know the one-way fabric that makes it truly special? It's a special process for it to be laminated so we can make PIKAs. Anyway. We've been able to make a decent quantity of PIKAs for what might be one last restock of the PIKA as we know it. 

Packing Cube Shoulder Bag

Packing Cube Shoulder Bag at the beach!

Ever popular, the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag is being restocked for something like the zillionth time this year. That is an exaggeration. 

Le Grand Derriere 

Person walking and carrying an LGD via the shoulder-carry method.

Also ever popular, also can be used as a shoulder bag, but also as a waist pack or a sling: the LGD is back in all of its colors!

Pouches & Organization

Clear Organizer Pouches

Clear Organizer Pouch, Mini, Mayura

Finally, right? We know folks have been waiting for these to be restocked. Here they are, the totally classic Clear Organizer Pouch. We've been making these for something like 18 years at this point: they stand the test of time because they're so darn useful.

Double Organizer Pouches

The Double Organizer Pouch used to organize various tech accessories.
Double finally. The pouch that's also known as "a Clear Organizer and a non-Clear Organizer in one" is also being restocked. 

1050 "Oops" Ghost Whale Organizer Pouches

1050d "Oops" Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch in Verde


Our oops is probably exactly what some of you have been hoping for: we accidentally cut 1050d ballistic nylon for Ghost Whale Pouches. Though they're pretty awesome (some of us like structure, you know?) we don't plan to offer 1050d Ghost Whales in the future because there's already so many colors/fabrics/options.

Nik's Minimalist Wallets

Nik's Minimalist Wallet on the table at a restaurant. There's also chips, salsa, guacamole and beer!

Nobody talks about Nik's Wallets all that much but they're crazy popular, so much so that it is difficult for us to keep them stocked. We're sensing a theme here: maybe we could do a series on the unsung bag/wallet/pouch heroes?! Back to the matter at (in? ha ha...) hand: they're back in-stock, so let's get back to letting them do the job they do well and without fuss.

Grab Bags 

The November 16th lower quantity Grab Bags
Someone in the Forums asked if we could offer Grab Bags in Cerylon: sometimes folks like to get to know a new fabric in a pouch before committing to it in a larger bag. We thought that was a good point, so Grab Bags in Sangria red, Mountain grey, and Cobalt blue will be offered. Though we've made a large quantity of each, it's worth noting that guessing which colors will be most popular is less about data and certainty and more about.... guessing. This is the first item offered in all three Cerylon colors, and it'll be interesting to discover which color(s) resonate most. 
We're also offering Grab Bags in four limited quantity materials. Head over to the Grab Bag page to see 'em all.

Small Snake Charmer
Large Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer, Small, in Canary 1000d Cordura
Snake Charmers in 1000d Cordura! For the first time in a very long time. 

Clear Organizer Wallet

"Clear" Organizer Wallet in Boreal All Fabric
The Clear Organizer Wallet was at a fork in the road: we restocked it after retiring it (due to your popular demand), it sold out, and we had to choose a new material for its dividers. We asked you (see the blog post The Future of The Clear Organizer Wallet) which divider option you preferred: soft Black Microsuede or structured Coyote Texon. The response was split pretty evenly, so we decided to offer both. And then someone asked us to offer an all-fabric front "Clear" Organizer Wallet, just like we did back in the day: we thought that made sense so Boreal Tough Stuff and Navy 420d Parapack are offered as all-fabric options for both dividers. The drop-down selection on the page is really long, but we hope you think the options are worth the scrolling!


Cubelet in Acuity

Like the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, this little cube has been restocked more times than we can count. Here it is, again.

3D Clear Organizer Cube

3D Clear Organizer Cube in Wasabi
Same thing. Just a super popular Cube, doing its thing, not attracting attention yet still being its awesome self, restocked (again).


Greg H. - November 22, 2021

One more feature request: “Hidden” AirTag pocket with internal O-ring buried in some out of the way place in each bag. Obviously, they won’t be “hidden” for long, but the average thief or “borrower” won’t know about them. The O-rings we have now, plus an S-biner mini-locking clip make a great combo with the AirTag or other tracking device. A hidden pocket would be the icing on the cake. Cheers!

Greg H. - November 23, 2021

Hi: this is a request for consideration of a specific colorway combo. I’ve got a fair number of bags and accessories in various grays externally and internally. I really love the Night Walk Halcyon exterior, even more than the Nebulous Gray Ballistic exterior. I’ve come to appreciate the slightly lighter weight and greater flexibility of Halcyon over Ballistic. And I love the interior Solaris Halcyon; on my Synik 22, it pops and looks great. But how cool would it be to have a Night Walk/Solaris colorway on the TriStar, Western Flyer, and Techonauts? And yes, I would buy them all again! It’s even cool thematically: night and day. Pretty please?
P.S. Please consider for future designs the inclusion of external cinch straps. Right, I know I can just buy external cinch straps, but they’re messy and a pain. Being able to further clamp down bags like the Techonauts, and even the TriStar, would be great for those itty bitty planes and even just walking through crowds.
TOM BIHN replied:
We have to agree that Night Walk/Solaris would be quite a nice pairing! Color request noted in our project app :) And we also noted the request for external cinch straps!

Rick F. - November 18, 2021

Hi! Great job on the restock. I made the same mistake of putting items in my cart and then waiting to check out. Is this the last run of La Grande Derrière? Trying to decide whether to go with my second choice or not.
TOM BIHN replied:
Thanks for the support, though we’re sorry to hear you missed out on some items! This won’t be the last run of the Derrière, though we may narrow down the color choices in 2022 since there’s many right now. Which colors are your 1st and 2nd choices?

TOM BIHN - November 16, 2021

Thanks for your understanding, Greg!

Greg H. - November 16, 2021

Yeah, I will definitely remember that. And no complaints here. It’s all good.
TOM BIHN replied:
Thanks for your understanding, Greg!

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