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Travel Money Belt
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    Travel Money Belt

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    Size XS: overall length ~ 34" / 870 mm, fits waist ~ 26"–28" / 66–71 cm
    Size S: overall length ~ 38" / 970 mm, fits waist ~ 30"–32" / 76–81 cm
    Size M: overall length ~ 42" / 1070 mm, fits waist ~ 34"–36" / 86–91 cm
    Size L: overall length ~ 46" / 1170 mm, fits waist ~ 38"–40" / 97–101 cm
    Size XL: overall length ~ 50" / 1270 mm, fits waist ~ 42"–44" / 107–112 cm
    Weight: 2.5 oz / 70 grams


    Nylon webbing
    #3.5 YKK coil with non-scratching plastic slider
    Solid-state acetal buckle


    Made in USA


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    Travel Money Belt

    The Travel Money Belt is a simple and clever way to discreetly carry cash, traveler's cheques, and/or a photocopy of your passport. Because the Travel Money Belt has no metal parts, you can wear it through some airport security checkpoints (not advanced imaging technology, though).

    It's made of 1-1/4" / 32 mm heavy nylon webbing with a simple plastic buckle, which means no moving parts to break. For those of you who don't tuck your shirt in, the buckle is pretty unobtrusive, too. Concealed on the underside of the belt is a 20" / 500 mm #3.5 YKK coil zipper with a plastic zipper slider.

    The pocket created by the zipper can hold up to 15 US $100 bills: three stacks of five bills, folded into thirds or quarters. Same idea with traveler's cheques and the copy of your passport.

    Good to know: the Travel Money Belt is not waterproof, so if you wear it in a hot climate, sweat a lot, or wear it swimming, the contents will become wet.

    Available in five sizes:
    Extra Small fits waists 26"–28"
    Small fits 30"–32"
    Medium fits 34"–36"
    Large fits 38"–40"
    Extra Large fits 42"–44"

    If between sizes or in doubt, order the next size up.

    Added bonus: it holds your pants up, too.