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Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap
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    Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap

    Tom Bihn bags are proudly made in the USA



    Dimensions: 10" / 255 mm long
    Weight: 1.6 oz / 45 grams
    Closes with Aplix® hook and loop closure and two snaps


    Exterior of soft Ultrasuede®
    .25" / 6 mm thick Ensolite (vinyl nitrile) foam
    Closes with Aplix® hook and loop closure and two TOM BIHN logo snaps


    Made in USA


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    Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap

    The Ultrasuede® Shoulder Strap Wrap is designed as an optional accessory for our Small and Medium Café Bags or any bag with a 1-1/2" webbing shoulder strap. Our two smaller sizes of Café Bag come standard with a small, low-profile, molded plastic pad with a grippy underside. Some customers found this plastic pad not cushy enough and the plastic uncomfortable on bare summer shoulders, and they requested a softer, cushier shoulder strap pad. Our Ultrasuede® Shoulder Strap Wrap is a sophisticated response to this simple request. It's made of ultrasoft Ultrasuede® laminated to soft Ensolite foam. The Ultrasuede® Shoulder Strap Wrap wraps around the shoulder strap and attaches back on itself with hook and loop and snaps: it's easy to add it "after market," as they say. The Ensolite foam provides a tacky surface to keep the webbing from slipping so the pad stays where you put it (the foam is not exposed except to the strap webbing).
    How to install the Ultrasuede® Shoulder Strap Wrap

    Ensure the strap is 1-1/2" or 38 / 40 mm webbing — the Ultrasuede® Shoulder Strap Wrap (USSW) won't work on 2" straps. To install the USSW on your Café Bag or similar bag:

    Slide the existing pad out of the way to one end of the strap or the other. Simply wrap the USSW around the strap in the center of the length of the strap, fastening the hook and loop and the snaps at either end of the pad. Make sure the snaps end up on the top of the strap so the underside is free of anything that might not feel so good against your shoulder. The pad will mold to both your strap and your shoulder over time, but it should feel comfortable right away.

    After you've used the USSW for a while, go ahead and cut off the old molded plastic pad. Use a scissors to carefully snip the plastic without cutting the strap webbing.