At any given time, you can count on at least some of our bags being available for backorder. Sometimes it’s just a color or two that’s sold out, but sometimes every color option is on backorder. (If a color is on backorder, we'll state that in paranthesis next to that color combination in the color selection drop-down menu.) It’s pretty much been this way since we can remember: as soon as we think we’ve increased production capacity to meet demand, you guys demand even more from us. And it’s awesome. And we spend a lot of time thanking you silently in our heads as we get to be busy at work every day doing what we love to be doing.

Things you might be wondering about:
- We don't charge your credit card until your order actually ships.
- We try to surprise you and ship your backorder out sooner than expected.
- We are always working to increase our production capacity so less stuff runs out.
- We are always happy to answer your questions: