Yarn Stuff Sacks  
Yarn Stuff Sacks

The Yarn Stuff Sack is a draw-string closure stuff sack made out of our ultra-tough and ultra-lightweight Japanese Dyneema/nylon ripstop fabric.

Yarn Stuff Sacks are available in three sizes:
Small: 4.5" tall, 5" diameter
Medium: 6" tall, 6.25" in diameter
Tall: 11" tall, 6.25" in diameter

Medium and Tall Yarn Stuff Sacks are available in two versions: All Fabric and Clear Bottom. (Small is available in All Fabric only.) The Yarn Stuff Sack in All Fabric is opaque and made entirely out of our Dyneema/nylon fabric. The Yarn Stuff Sack in Clear Bottom has a clear urethane plastic bottom that allows you to easily see the contents of the Yarn Stuff Sack.

One Steel Medium Yarn Stuff Sack with a clear bottom is included with each Swift, Swift in Cork and Little Swift.

Visit the Yarn Stuff Sacks page for more information, more pictures, or to order it separately.