Guardian DF Lights  
Guardian Dual Function Lights

The Guardian Dual Function Light is what Tom found after an extensive search for a safety/utility light that would meet or exceed his requirements. Our Guardian DF Lights are rugged, easy to use, and work as either flashing safety beacons or interior bag lights. We choose to offer only the "Made in Canada" models of Guardian Light: they're built to military/law-enforcement specifications, and we promise they're worth your hard-earned money. We think you'll love 'em.

Dual function means you can choose between a steady or flashing light, and switching from one to the other is easy. Simply twist the lens counterclockwise until it comes off, then tap the lens on a solid surface so the battery comes out. Flip the battery over, replace the lens, and you've either just switched from flashing to steady or steady to flashing.

Now available in two versions — Guardian DF Light Original Base and Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount base:

Guardian DF Light Original Base:
Included with this version of the light is a TOM BIHN-made lanyard designed to clip to the O-rings inside of our bags. Used primarily as an interior bag light.
Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount:
The Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount features a clever base that allows you to mount the light securely to the 1" / 25 mm or a 1.5" / 38 mm webbing straps found on the front of the Synapse 25, Smart Alec, and Brain Bag.

Visit the Guardian DF Light Original Base or Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount pages for more information, more pictures, or to order one separately.