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Thread: Travel tips for 3 month trip in autumn?

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    Smile Travel tips for 3 month trip in autumn?

    Hey guys! Been lurking for a while, and really like the feel of the TB community. I am going on a 3 month (well, 84 day) trip around the world this autumn - and would love some travel tips if you have some! Specifically for the destinations I've got down, and maybe someone can tip me off to some other nearby gems? Reccomended methods of transport for the overland bits (*all the bits between two destinations in one country )would be appreciated too :-)

    My route is as follows:

    (Flying from Trondheim, NO)
    Auckland, NZ to Rotorua, NZ
    Sydney, AUS to Darwin, AUS (only 10 days, so I'll probably fly SYD-Red centre or something)
    Osaka, JPN to Tokyo, JPN
    San Francisco, US to New York, US
    Reykjavik, Iceland

    x Dyveke

    (Maybe I'll make a packing list post, will be travelling with my brand new dyneema A30 - which arrived today, and looks amazing!)

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    << San Francisco, US to New York, US .....Reccomended methods of transport for the overland bits >>

    Just to be clear, are you looking to do something other than fly to get from SF to NYC? I mean, if you're looking to drive across the country (which sounds awesome and something I've always wanted to do in a camper...), I'm sure you'll get lots of tips. Just wanted to be clear that was what you were asking; couldn't really tell from the post. Also, if yes, how much time were you planning for that?

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    This really sounds like a fantastic trip. I'm super jealous!!

    Might also help focus the tips and recommendations to know what kinds of things interest you when travelling to these places? Culture, history, adventure, do you like the touristy things everyone does/sees, or do you seek out rarer, sometimes more authentic experiences?
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    I’m not sure if you’re considering driving the SF to NY leg of your trip, but an obvious option might be legendary Route 66. The road is one of the USA’s older highways and runs from Los Angeles to Chicago which I believe is about 2000 miles.

    U.S. Route 66 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Another solution would be trains.

    Not as fast, but sometimes faster, when there are airport delays.

    California Zephyr
    Chicago - Denver - Glenwood Springs - Emeryville (San Francisco)
    Amtrak - Routes - California Zephyr

    Amtrak Routes Interactive Map
    Amtrak Route Atlas

    The map above will give you choices of trains from Chicago to NYC

    Alternatively, you could ride the train to Denver and catch a plane there to NYC.

    Thu 9:10 am Fri 6:38 pm Direct 32 hr, 28 min California Zephy

    I imagine that your transcontinental flights are already booked or are you flexible with them?
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    Sounds amazing! How much time do you have for San Fran to NYC? As others have mentioned, that's quite a long haul if you're going by land. Lots of amazing sights on the way, though. An ideal situation would be a month or so - a straight shot drive across the country is ~48 hours of driving time, so if you break it into 8 hour driving days, that's 6 days that will be mostly just driving (or on a bus/train), and I imagine you'll want at least a couple days each in SF and NYC, plus a couple days in various spots on the way...

    Edit: Also, there's lots of places I can recommend along the way (just drove DC to Seattle with sightseeing on the way last summer, so a lot still fresh on my mind), but there's just SO MUCH, so it'll help a ton if you have some things in particular that you're interested in (hiking? caves? bourbon tours? specific cities?).
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