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    Anybody check for bedbugs lately? (HuffPost article on travel)

    "Eight Things You Should Do Before Anything Else in Your Hotel Room"

    Eight Things You Should Do Before Anything Else in Your Hotel Room | SmarterTravel
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    Good advice MtnMan

    In addition to checking the hotel bed, my wife also suggested using ziplock bags to bag clothes to prevent them from "hitchhiking" on you. These critters like to hide in small crevices - even in the folds of clothing and luggage. Before the trip, I pack my clean clothes / electronic accessories in ziplock bags and put them in packing cubes and then in my bag. I bring extra Ziplock bags to put the used clothes in afterwards during the trip. This has the added side benefit of keeping me more organized as well!

    I also try to "live out of" my bags (for me an Aeronaut or Brain Bag or hardcase roller) where I can. I leave my clothes in my bag and put it on the fold-up valet furniture (I think that is what it is called) after checking it for bugs. I also put it and my luggage away from the bed (sometimes in the bathroom). The TB luggage is very easy to "live out of" as they are designed for easy access to anything in the bag.

    If I find possible signs of bedbugs, I immediately ask for another room (luckily, I have never found bedbugs where I have stayed). I am told the management is usually very accomodating as they do not want the bad press/advertising.

    When I return, I put all my clothes immediately (clean or not) in the dryer for at least 60 minutes. I do the same for my luggage (make sure they are dry to prevent damage / shrinkage). Bedbugs are known to die within a minute at 120 degrees F. The dryer should get up to that temperature easily. This should prevent any "hitchhikers" from entering your home.

    Since the elimination of pesticide use to kill these bugs, they are becoming a huge problem again and spread a lot through people travelling.
    Good to take precautions.
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    For those of us concerned about such matters (sorry I cannot post links right now) you might want to see the threads titled motel room cleanliness and while not exactly on topic under seat bag storage. Both are somewhat amusing in places and informative. They may also turn out to be waaay more information than you wanted.
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