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Thread: Under seat bag storage

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    I'm more in the camp of "it grosses me out when I think of it."

    However, one reason I will never fly Spirit again is that it makes me think of it ALL THE TIME, especially with the lack of barf bags and how close the seats are.
    I love my Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Cadet 15 Brain Cell, Imago, Medium Cafe Bag (daily bag), Swift, Side Effect and accessories (snake charmer, packing cubes, stuff sacks, pouches, lights, keystraps, etc.) Eagerly awaiting trays and Canine Citizens! Picture to come soon.

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    OK, completely gross and I'm not sure that my life has been improved by reading this thread.

    It does remind me though of our trip to Europe many years ago now pre-children.

    We flew Alitalia to Rome from Sydney via Melbourne with a refuel in Bangkok. Trip time 20+ hours in a metal tube breathing recycled air. In those days you could smoke in certain sections of the plane and lets just stay that the toilet accuracy of Italian men left a lot to be desired. Similarly the cleanliness in other aspects of the flight was not Alitalia's strong suit.

    Despite that we survived, the body is amazing in so many ways!

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