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Thread: Wallets?

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    I lost my beloved Tom Bihn red plaid tri-fold wallet. The items in the wallet are being replaced, but there isn't a replacement for this wallet. You don't happen to have any old stock around, maybe one that didn't quite meet up with some high standards? I had this wallet for a good three years, and it looked almost new.



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    I would have been better off knowing there was no such thing as a TB wallet. If there was one made out of the Crimson balistic nylon my imago is made out of I'd be happy.

    I'd also like a Tom Bihn Name Tag/Badge holder for work
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    I'm sorry to hear you lost your wallet!

    We have black checkbook wallets and one Cocoa/Wasabi/Plum bifold wallet left. (I snagged the last Sage/Wasabi wallet!) If you'd like either of those, give us a call at 1-800-729-9607.

    We want to offer wallets again, and hope to sometime in 2007.
    U.S. / Canada 1-800-729-9607 / Other countries: +1-206-652-4123
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