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    Brain Bag and Monolith

    I don't know how wide hee-hoe wide is but your pack fits where others fell short. It works and fits very well. I would like to have snaps on the Monolith though, at airports when I have to pull out my laptop I end up pulling out the Monolith as well.

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    Hi Andy,

    I'm not sure what hee-hoe-wide is either. I did a search for it in Google and found a bunch of people typing laughter and the name of a Korean woman.

    We're actually getting rid of the snaps on all of our bags. Notice how your Monolith has a thin strip of webbing on the back that has two openings on either side of the case? The Brain Bag, Empire Builder, and ID will soon have a similar strip of webbing with clips instead of snaps - so the Monolith and Brain Cell will clip inside the bags instead of snapping.
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