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    My Bouncing Empire Builder

    I've been traveling for over a month now with my new empire builder and love the bag. Its probably the best laptop / travel / professional bag I've ever owner (not surprised considering I'm a walking Tom Bihn ad). My only issue is that my bag is very heavy and tends to start bouncing as I walk with the ultimate shoulder strap. Does the Terragrip or simple strap fit the EB, and are they up to the abuse and weight of a loaded EB? Thanks in advance guys.


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    The Terragrip should fit any bag that the Absolute strap will fit, since they use the same D ring system for connecting with the bag, but I beleive the webpage says about 16lbs is the maximum suggested weight to use a Terragrip strap on. So it depends on what you mean by fully loaded EB I suppose

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    The TerraGrip should work as long as you're not putting terribly heavy things inside your Empire Builder.

    Also, adjusting the length of my Absolute Strap when using the prototype smaller Empire Builder solves the bouncing problem for me.
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