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Thread: Super Ego & Customer Service.

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    Thumbs up Super Ego & Customer Service.

    Just wanted to share how awesome Tom Bihn & Co are. I know you guys & gals know this, but just wanted to give my POV.

    So I ordered the Super Ego with Wasabi stripe, but I actually wanted the Cork. I like the look with the navy which is also how I have my Imago. So I sent an immediate email to ask for the change. Got a prompt response less than 24 hrs later & they had no problem changing. Awesome. I expected that because they are Lways good about requests like that. So thank you.

    Next I ordered the kindle fire pouch in cork. I placed the order right after because I wanted to pay with a different payment method. So after a couple days I was wondering why it didn't ship. So I sent an email again to customer service. Before I got a response back I had gotten the Super Ego in the mail & sure enough there was the kindle fire pouch. I was super excited. I really appreciated them putting the two together for me. It's attention to detail like that that Tom Bihn & gang get right.

    Sure enough I placed another $200 order this morning. Lol. That'll be it for a while, but I wanted a few extra accessories & a cafe bag for my son for an upcoming trip.

    I think the premium price is not only for a premium product but premium customer service as well. And I think it's well worth it.

    Btw...the kindle fire pouch will also fit a kindle touch with the kindle lighted cover, that's why I actually purchased it. It's a gorgeous little pouch.

    I'll post some pictures of the products, especially from the trip will be going on soon.

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    They are pretty amazing, it's true!

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    I agree, the customer service is excellent, and worth it!
    I have a cork Kindle pouch on my order. I'm looking forward to it for my Kindle keyboard. So far all of the cork I've gotten has been lovely.
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