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    Ego or Super Ego?

    I can't decide what to choose. I've been going on this website and others looking at reviews/comments for months and I have decided that I am definitely going to get either an Ego or Super Ego. The thing is I don't know if an Ego is too small or if the Super Ego is too big.

    The last messenger bag ( fit almost everything I needed, but it just had 1 main compartment and 2 pockets in the front and 2 on the sides. The dimensions are a bit smaller than the Ego's but the Ego has 2 compartments which makes it hold less?

    Are there any pictures of people with the Ego? Most pictures I find are just the bag and it's hard for me to see a size comparison. And any advice? I'm 5'10" and a college student.

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    Are you planning on using a Brain Cell with it? If so, what size?
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