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    Black/Steel/Cayenne Ego?


    I was recently searching for a new laptop bag, and discovered this brand. Personally, I really like the Black/Steel/Cayenne ID but I think the slightly larger Ego might be a better fit for me. Any chance of this colour combination coming in the future?

    On a slightly off topic note, I understand that customization of colours is not available. However, if this were offered in the future, it would sure help in differentiating your brand from the competition. I know that I (and probably others as well) would be interested in this. Heck, I wouldn't mind a slight price premium if this were available.


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    Welcome, Ping!

    The Ego is available for pre-order in Black/Black/Cayenne. We don't plan to offer it in Black/Steel/Cayenne. Black/Black/Cayenne is very similar to Black/Steel/Cayenne: the difference between the two is only in the panels of the front flap.
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