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    The Buzz question

    I am considering getting the Buzz but am concerned about fitting a 12.1in laptop into a space designed for a 15.4in laptop. Would my laptop be moving around too much? Are there measures I can take to curtail this movement?

    And also, the pictures of the Buzz being worn by a person on your website look like the older, smaller version. Are my eyes deceiving me?

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    Hi chrisw!

    I apologize for the late reply to your post.

    Forum user maverick is going to test his 13" MacBook inside of his Buzz bag and post the results in this thread: that might help answer your question.

    Tom probably will reintroduce a smaller version of the Buzz -- similar to the old version -- in the future for laptops like yours.

    And your eyes are not deceiving you: the pictures of the Buzz worn by the person are of the older, smaller Buzz.
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