I've been carrying the synapse 25 for a week, and in all likelihood, I'll carry it the rest of my life.
First, a little backstory. Until January of this year I've carried a plain-jane jansport since high school. Never had much need for a backpack until some things with my job and life ( not to mention a growing interest in edc) brought me to the conclusion that I needed to upgrade. After (a ton) of research I settled on the S19. I got it, carried it, for a few months and started looking elsewhere. Ultimately the size wasn't right for me and I wasn't crazy about the parapack, keep in mind this is my first quality backpack.
So I became interested in Goruck. Tried one of those, and it's what I've carried most of the year. I loved the Cordura, the size and the durability. I ultimately did not like the military styling and the attitude of the company. I'm not military or LE and the whole Tactical look doesn't appeal to me either.
So off I go on the hunt again. I've probably bought and returned bags for 10 companies. Only to be really let down. No bartacking, poor organization, low quality materials. I found myself comparing everything to the quality not of the goruck, but of that first synapse 19. There's nothing else out there quite like dynema, and do you know how hard it is to find bartacked shoulder straps on a civilian style bag?
I end up back on the tom bihn website and find not only the synapse 25 is ready to be shipped in Cordura but that you guys have updated the zippers since I bought my 19 and they're just perfect now.
It's been a long(expensive) journey to find the bag that works just right for me. If I had went with the size 25 initially I may not have learned nearly as much about materials, design, styling and quality as I know now. All in all it was worth the trip, but I'm glad it's come to an end.
Just wanted to say thanks for continuously tweaking and improving your products. It ended being just what I wanted.

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