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    Minimal case for EEE-PC

    I'm quite sure people have been asking for this before, but I'll add my voice nonetheless.

    I'd like to see a small case for the Asus EEE-PC with enough room for it, the power adapter, one more battery, and a mouse. Because the EEE-PC uses SDHC flash cards for storage, accomodation for a few of those would be welcome too.

    You folks may want to contact Asus, as they have a couple more (slightly larger) EEE-PCs in the works, and you'll probably want whatever you develop for the current EEE-PC to also fit soon-to-be-released models. Also, please be aware that current EEE-PCs come in two varieties: the "regular" EEE-PC and the Surf. There is a physical difference: the Surf has a smaller battery, while the "regular" EEE-PC's battery, larger than the Surf's, adds a ridge on the underside.


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    Do you think the Small Cafe Bag with built-in Padded Compartment for the EEE would fit the bill? Or are you looking for something more like the Eclipse?
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