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    Thumbs up Garment workers vote for the President?

    That explanation about the label doesn't seem to hold water.
    "Nous n'avons pas voté pour lui" -- we didn't vote for him.
    Do the Tom Bihn garment workers vote for the president of the company? Seems unlikely! I'm not buying it... the story, that is.

    But, hey, it's funny, and of course when you put "idiot" and "president" in the same sentence, who *else* is everybody gonna think of?

    I'm a bit surprised and fascinated by the responses from people who support Bush's policies. I don't know anyone who does, and I know a *lot* of people. Of course, people I know are mostly here in the SF Bay Area. Maybe I should get out to the heartland.

    The comparison to Clinton is so ignorant as to be funny. Here's one little lie about a blowjob, by a guy trying to protect himself from a bunch of prudish nutcases out to get him. Big deal.
    Compare that with the whoppers told by Bush and his cronies (remember "yellowcake"?) that have resulted in tens of thousands of _dead people_: Afghanis, Iraqis, Americans, destroyed families, international condemnation, *more* Islamic anger at the U.S. How about the memos circulating at the highest levels of the Bush Administration purporting to give legal justifications for torture? The damage done to the United States by Bush is incalculable. And the list goes on. Abrogated treaties like the ABM treaty -- ya think that's making us safer? What about the Small Arms Limitation treaty? Are we really better off with unrestricted trade in M-16s? Only if "we" happen to be a weapons manufacturer.
    <b><i>“Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.”<br>-- Tom Robbins<br>
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    Re: Garment workers vote for the President?

    Originally posted by Get Real
    Do the Tom Bihn garment workers vote for the president of the company? Seems unlikely!
    You're right -- none of us voted for least not the majority of us. That's the idea! :)
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