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  1. Which bags in which fabrics? (And a request for more 200d Dyneema exteriors.)
  2. Guide’s Pack Top Pocket
  3. Use both A30 and A45?
  4. I feel like I'm on that old game show "Let's make a deal"
  5. Juggernaut (?)
  6. I have a slight problem....
  7. Thought on the TB website -Search by Color
  8. Synapse Update/Addition Recommendation
  9. Bag spotting
  10. Any chance of Tom Bihn Cat Accessories?
  11. Pretentiousness Warented
  12. Bring back the Imago!
  13. Daylight backpack fits a Macbook pro retina "15
  14. Folding Board for Aeronaut or other TB bags.
  15. Sounds like a job for . . .
  16. Side Effect Problem
  17. The Night Flight in flight
  18. Shop Bag Gratitude
  19. Got my Nordic today!
  20. Packing a big hoodie
  21. Dyneema drawstring bag
  22. I hope this is not the start of a dangerous relationship...
  23. Filling TB bags/pouches with the 10 essentials
  24. Cache with rails...going both ways
  25. What I'd like to see in a Nightflight 2.0
  26. Received Forest Pilot
  27. Thin Business Briefcase
  28. Will the Synapse be offered in Coyote?
  29. A TB product I'd like to see: mini-wallet
  30. Tom, You had me at...
  31. Larger Pilot?
  32. It rained for about 10 minutes today....
  33. why no loops on small outside pouches on night flight duffle
  34. I'm up to nearly $1200 in TB Gear
  35. Purist label dilemma!
  36. Shop bags in more colors!
  37. Gave the Travel Tray as a gift and...
  38. Large Pilot Packing Cube Fits Beautifully in Synapse 25
  39. Different Material = Different Perception
  40. Aeronaut 30 vs Aeronaut 45 versatility
  41. Steely McSteelpants
  42. Waiting for Field Journal Notebook
  43. My Pilot ate my lunch! (In a good way)
  44. Can we talk about Navy?
  45. Has Linen always been this awesome?
  46. Checkpoint Flyer?
  47. 'O' ring tape
  48. Homemade Packing Folder for the Aeronaut
  49. Spoiled
  50. Burnt Orange is AWESOME
  51. Portable Culture Club
  52. I pledge this is my last order till the new debuts
  53. Am I reading too much into this?
  54. Synapse 25 (and possibly others?) suggested addition
  55. 3d cube as purse
  56. Smaller Carry-on Sizes (United, Delta, American)
  57. Guide 's Pack Accessories
  58. How are you passing time till the new items debut in June?
  59. A letter to the new gunmetal zipper
  60. Adjustable length key strap
  61. Two small website issues
  62. Design change suggestion.
  63. Side Effect as a Wash bag / Kit
  64. Suggestion - small medium organiser or double organiser
  65. Suspicious one bag travel
  66. Nordic is fading out...
  67. Thoughts on modifying the 400d PCSB to be a mini horizontal messenger bag
  68. Turned my 3D Clear Organizer Cube inside out
  69. Tom Bihn bags as art
  70. A smaller Smart Alec?
  71. Is the Large Nordic Shop Bag gone ... forever??
  72. Interchangeable fronts
  73. Info on Co-Pilot color options
  74. Ristretto in Dyneema anytime soon?
  75. Problem with Side Effect waist belt twisting
  76. Mini Aeronaut
  77. Smaller sized body hugging bag
  78. Store Visit and my first TB bag(s)!
  79. Tom Bihn Sighting, Orlando!
  80. Lesson Learned
  81. Not a conventional Tom Bihn bag, but...
  82. request: O ring for outside pocket on Super Ego
  83. Ballistic Co-Pilot doesn't work for me
  84. Another convert
  85. Using Eagle Creek Cubes In Aeronaut Bag
  86. Aeronaut Junior, Where Art Thou?
  87. A surprising color combo that works
  88. My primary problem with my Brain Bag so far
  89. Double vision, BOO.P.S. and Wonderful customer service
  90. New Aeronaut for Me!
  91. Smart Alec and Imago snuggling
  92. My Love/Hate Duality Of Tom Bihn Bags
  93. first test of Tri-Star for speed....
  94. Something's Different on the Side Effect
  95. tpnl's idea - Brain Cell with rails
  96. Bags with dyneema linings - color review/discussion
  97. Just got my Pilot! (keywords: Cadet, freudian slip, ipad mini, macbook air, folders)
  98. Video Request to the TB team
  99. Synapse 25 & Guide's Pack in Parapack, why the difference in weight?
  101. Messenger Bag Packing Cube
  102. Double Carabiner, 4 thumbs up!
  103. Needed: Solid Black Clear Organizer Wallet
  104. The Yankee Airman - a new kind of convertible travel luggage
  105. iPad Air Cache does NOT fit iPad in smart case
  106. do you wish there was a XL or XXL Large Cafe Bag?
  107. Toddler Backpack
  108. Zipper on the large shop bag
  109. Backpack suggestion
  110. Thinking about new bag-materials
  111. unrealized ideas.
  112. I wish the Cafe Bags had o-rings...
  113. Two days on the road with Tom Bihn
  114. Possibilities for the Pilot
  115. Great CS
  116. Simply stunning customer service
  117. Guitar/Bass bags
  118. Suggestion: Extra large dyneema organizer pouch, notebook/binder sleeve
  119. Aaaaaarrrgh!! I missed out on the bag I wanted!!
  120. Passport Pouch--Add a small pocket inside for credit cards?
  121. Dyneema Brain Bag?
  122. Dyneema umbrella
  123. Padded grab handle on Large Cafe Bag
  124. Stuff I'd love to see from the folks at Tom Bihn
  125. I love Nordic
  126. Mini Travel Tray?
  127. Small purse/backpack? Or purse with backpack straps?
  128. TB Wallet --Move the TB Label to the Back
  129. Bagspotting
  130. A Larger Pocket Pouch Please
  131. Smart Alec - Perfection
  132. Am I Seeings Things?...or maybe I've just lost my mind...waiting for my order....
  133. Mac Pro carry bag
  134. My Tom Bibb wish list...
  135. Small shop bag in Iberian
  136. Organizer Wallet as interchangeable knitting needle case
  137. I'd like to see TB luggage
  138. Aeronaut Backpack straps
  139. Suggestion - The Goldilocks Bag
  140. iPad mini case/pouch
  141. 3-D Clear Organizer Cube to Open Flat
  142. Travel Tray, and an even bigger stuff sack? :)
  143. specs in a table
  144. Flattening the Brain Cell top opening
  145. Dinner with Smart Alec on a mountain, where?
  146. The Short List
  147. Modify/replace/remove water bottle pocket on Tri-Star/Western Flyer...
  148. Smaller Aeronaut, dual-compartment Tri-Star (Duo-Star?), and other suggestions
  149. Will Work For TB
  150. Suggestion for Absolute Shoulder Strap
  151. internal pockets in bags - how do you use them?
  152. Suggestions for some of TB products ;)
  153. Cordura1000 vs 1050d Ballistic
  154. Synapse 25 arrived
  155. Giant Stuff Sack
  156. 200 Dyneema for bags withing bags and 400 Dyneema for lightweight Travel Bags, Though
  157. I think TB needs another messenger bag
  158. Thanks to Tom and crew for building great products!
  159. Suggestions for Brain Bag
  160. The Lovely Small Cafe Bag!
  161. Cache size.
  162. Dyneema Imago
  163. Looking forward to the new Synapse... But...
  164. I can't stop thinking about the Pilot.
  165. The Future- Scented Fabrics
  166. Suggestion Regarding KeyStraps
  167. A note on repairs.
  168. Farewell Buzz, Hello MCB and Aeronaut
  169. Love my Aeronaut after it's maiden voyage!
  170. When did Tom visit Gallifrey?
  171. Why is the Imago not lined with Dyneema?
  172. a thought on this bag but with tom bihn dyneema fabric and....
  173. Navy/Iberian Love
  174. Thoughts on the Stitching Workmanship on Tom Bihn Bags
  175. Dear Tom Bihn
  176. Larger Pocket Pouch(es)?
  177. TB Meetup in Nashville
  178. 7-day cruise & half-marathon conquered 2/ just Western Flyer & Packing Cube Backpack
  179. Ristretto in the rain
  180. My Search has ended?
  181. Why I love Tom Bihn, the Designer, the Crew and the products.
  182. Brainwave
  183. Bad Site -- Low Information
  184. Aeronout Dyneema vs Ballistic ?
  185. Brain Bag Cordura 1000d Dust collector? Why Not 500d?
  186. More O rings! (especially Brain Bag)
  187. Dyneema and Security
  188. iPad Mini + Cache + ID = perfect!
  189. Product Idea: Passport Pouch
  190. Happy to join the Tom Bihn family with the arrival of my new Aeronaut
  191. Tom Bihn on UK eBay
  192. Mini Shop Bag
  193. Rain Cover for Brain Bag
  194. that little pocket on the inside at the bottom of the brain bag.
  195. Why didn't anybody tell me?
  196. Azalea Synapse or Imago?
  197. Fanny Pack
  198. Cache Modification for Smart Alec
  199. Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in Travel Dyneema (400d Dyneema®/nylon)
  200. More Co-Pilot thoughts.
  201. Tom Bihn bags = "magical bags"!
  202. Iberian again?
  203. No More Solar?
  204. Bigger Synapse Please!
  205. My new Brain Bag
  206. Really want Empire builder but it has a HUGE flaw
  207. DIY checkpoint friendly?
  208. Going to TB Store Tomorrow!
  209. Please send cure-I am obssessed with Tom Bihn products!!
  210. Aubergine or Wasabi Brain Bag?
  211. Storage bags
  212. Love my Ristretto for iPad!
  213. thoughts on upsizing the Co-Pilot
  214. Missed it by one day
  215. Just for Fun
  216. Some Items Missing From The Accessories Page
  217. Bagwards thinking?
  218. Just ordered my FIRST Tom Bihn Bag !!!
  219. We've been cheated! (Brain Bag owners)
  220. Old school Tom
  221. Tom Bihn Saves the Day
  222. Travel Tray goes camping
  223. Proposing bifold TB wallet
  224. Back to School with Synapse?
  225. Ristretto too floppy
  226. Stuff sacks!!!! Yeah!!!
  227. Will there ever be a rolling bag?
  228. I want a padded Travel Tray
  229. Tom Bihn Equivalent to leather color?
  230. Belt clip for Citizen Canine?
  231. help!
  232. A day at the beach
  233. 1st day riding in the rain, and my synapse backpack's contents stayed completely dry!
  234. One day in 2005...
  235. Shop bag ideas
  236. Synapse Logo patch Redesign
  237. replacing my side effect - from india!
  238. Another Idea for Citizen Canine
  239. Dyneema umbrella?
  240. Tom Bihn should make a bowling ball bag!
  241. quick release messenger bag strap
  242. Where is the Tom Bihn makeup bag?
  243. Picnic backpack
  244. Key Strap
  245. New idea for the Citizen Canine
  246. Giant Pouches
  247. Guitar bags
  248. More Wasabi!
  249. Vertically oriented organizer pouches?
  250. Alternative Friend of Tom (FoT) Pouch Use!