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  1. replacing my side effect - from india!
  2. Another Idea for Citizen Canine
  3. Dyneema umbrella?
  4. Tom Bihn should make a bowling ball bag!
  5. quick release messenger bag strap
  6. Where is the Tom Bihn makeup bag?
  7. Picnic backpack
  8. Key Strap
  9. New idea for the Citizen Canine
  10. Giant Pouches
  11. Guitar bags
  12. More Wasabi!
  13. Vertically oriented organizer pouches?
  14. Alternative Friend of Tom (FoT) Pouch Use!
  15. Bihn media wallet?
  16. Ruck's Sac & Messenger Style Swift?
  17. Brand new Empire Builder to sell or trade: Black and Indigo with Steel lining
  18. The new Ristretto!
  19. Search by color
  20. Imago in dark red cool for guys too?
  21. Black Synapse Blues
  22. Side Effect Colors
  23. Vertical pouches?
  24. ID as a gym bag???
  25. Thoughts on Smart Alec
  26. Synapse Sadness
  27. First Thoughts on my First Bags (LCB, Swift, Citizen Canine)
  28. Made in America
  29. Great Little Swift and Breve reviews from the Blog!
  30. Packing Cube Messenger Bag?
  31. Swift & Little Swift colors
  32. "this bag keeps expanding"
  33. Best Wrapping Ever!
  34. Saying good-bye to a good friend...
  35. Because I had to give someone Tom Bihn for the Holidays
  36. Western Flyer/Tri Star Packing Cube Backpack in ULTRAVIOLET!!!
  37. A Ristretto in Rome...to stay
  38. My Xmas Wish - Custom color combinations
  39. Imago just like all the other TB - fantastic!
  40. Favorite TB Bag?
  41. SAFF (Southern Animal Fiber Festival) weekend
  42. Hey, my iPad fits in my Small Cafe Bag!
  43. Thank you (2 weeks with Tom Bihn bags)
  44. cork breve
  45. A buzz bag, a brain cell 6Z and a 13" MacBook Air
  46. iPAD FJN
  47. what does this mean?
  48. One more thing!
  49. Thermal packing cube
  50. Poor neglected Western Flyer
  51. Loops on Cache
  52. VAST and ever-increasing TB collection!
  53. Side Effect size
  54. Kit vs SC vs CQPC vs 3D CQC vs SE vs Yarn Stuff Sack
  55. Extra pocket/compartment using the braincell clips
  56. Proposal: A new measurement unit for Tom Bihn bag capacity
  57. Packing Cubes in colors other than steel, please?
  58. Dear eBay,
  59. Ristretto for Ipade/Buckle
  60. It's the weekend, so sad ;-)
  61. Cafe bag(s) review
  62. wow! made in the usa!!
  63. Two things I enjoy about TB products
  64. Suggestion for handle cover/pad for WF handle
  65. Wish list #1
  66. Going marsupial! TB Bags that fit inside other TB bags.
  67. Bags that mate ; )))
  68. Pouches as color samplers
  69. Tom Bihn and a really red-state idea
  70. Blackened Zippers
  71. Messenger Bag for Photographers
  72. Super Ego/Ego Strips in Dyneema!
  73. a small suggestion for O-rings
  74. TSA Praise
  75. Yet another reason why I love my Cafe Bags
  76. Can't quite make the purchase
  77. Cheaper Shipping?
  78. Hoping for a small daypack...
  79. All Ballistic Nylon Exterior Bags
  80. Brain Bag in Digital Camo!
  81. Side Effect Shoulder Strap
  82. Spooky...
  83. Drying a synapse
  84. A TB Soft Shell Guitar Case!
  85. FJN in Dyneema, thoughts?
  86. Grosgrain ribbon and snap closure accessory.
  87. Any chance of a packable daypack?
  88. M Cafe Bag Photo Insert FYI
  89. Another thought on TB bags
  90. Double ended zippers
  91. Side Effect - in ultrasuede?
  92. TB Packing Cube packpack on Gadling
  93. Configurable Bags
  94. spilled syrup in the lux
  95. Shoulder Straps - Old and New
  96. Any plans for new Brain Cell/Cache models?
  97. CAFE BAG (M) in plum/cayenne (lining) or purple/orange
  98. Field Journal as a Bible Cover
  99. foldable duffel bags?
  100. Swift backpack version?
  101. Now that there's an official line of Tom Bihn water bottles...
  102. 6Z vertical Cache for MB Air 13" is great
  103. So what's the deal with a dedicated Kindle bag?
  104. Thoughts on Ego
  105. Messenger Backpack
  106. Going, going, gone?
  107. Cafe Bag is Excellent Except...
  108. Additional Field Notebook Option
  109. Synapse and computer fit
  110. Where Did All the Bright Colors Go?
  111. The Utility Tote - on its last legs?
  112. my 2 cents on a suggestion for the Ristretto
  113. New bag buckles?
  114. What to do with the new ultrasuede colors, some ideas :)
  115. Padded pouch for eyeglasses
  116. check-in luggage - cover up for TB bag
  117. Wallet ideas
  118. Smart Alec and O rings
  119. Co-Pilot in an olive shade (future wish)
  120. Proof that Tom Bihn bags are ergonomic
  121. Western Flyer/Brain Cell Observation
  122. Brain bag arrival
  123. multiple tom bihn wallets help organize life
  124. Tote and Freudian Slip
  125. I got my medium TB Cafe Bag today
  126. Absolute strap as a camera strap
  127. Phone pockets and phone sizes
  128. Synapse
  129. which TB bag for a camera bag
  130. Needed: Tristar With One Single Compartment
  131. Idea for new bag
  132. Travel bag between Tri-Star and Aeronaut
  133. Ultrasuede strap for Cafe bags????
  134. Paper Bag???
  135. better travel bag: imago or large cafe bag?
  136. Super Side Effect?
  137. New back panel for Western Flyer
  138. What I really, really want
  139. Use of multi bags approach
  140. Swift/Little Swift and Organizer Wallet, Mix or Match?
  141. Tom Bihn Paralysis
  142. Ristretto in navy?
  143. Imago and pickpockets
  144. Bait Bag
  145. I can't be the only one - Lunchbag?
  146. Synapse and pick pockets
  147. CAFE BAG (Med.) in orange
  148. Vertical Netbook Cache
  149. modification to the cache
  150. Aeronaut main compartment zipper
  151. Absolute strap
  152. Vertical Brain Cell Size 2XXLT
  153. Large Clear Organizer Pouch
  154. Improvement to CheckPoint Flyer
  155. Side entry laptop backpack
  156. Please develop a rolling bag
  157. iPhone/iPod-Touch Neck Strapped Pouch
  158. Travel Backpack with Panel Opening
  159. Synapse mods
  160. Front bag clip-on
  161. In search of feedback from Writers on the best Bihn Bag
  162. Falling In Love With Unpadded Bags
  163. Observations on the Kindle 2 Cork Pouch
  164. 5 Bags and counting...
  165. Backpack version of the Shop Bag
  166. Ideas for Camo
  167. Idea for a Bag to carry a Netbook and notebook
  168. Checkpoint Flyer-Backpack version?
  169. Larger Buzz
  170. Is there any competition to TB at all?
  171. Cordura Aeronaut
  172. Worth a shot, right guys (and girls)?
  173. Double Compartment Brief?
  174. Synapse Freudian Slip
  175. Cordura + Wool Coat = Fuzzy Mess
  176. Wanted: Cafe Bag Organizer Inserts
  177. Need a great disc bag
  178. Synapse additions
  179. Web-site / Tom Bihn YouTube Channel
  180. Shoulder Strap Pocket
  181. New design between Tri-Star and Aeronaut: The WINGWALKER
  182. Cafe Bag Organizer Idea
  183. Needed: Business Card Cache
  184. Doesn't hurt to ask!
  185. My second new Tom Bihn Bag
  186. laptop bag smaller than the ristretto
  187. If Tom Bihn Ever Made Hard-Sided Luggage...
  188. What Are Your Tom Bihn Bag Acquisition Strategies?
  189. Blasphemy? Vertical Brain Cell (size 1) cleaved in twain for Asus PC Eee 1005HA
  190. Suggestion: Folding Garment Packing Cube
  191. Loop/grab stip on cache?
  192. Cafe Bag Strap Workaround
  193. Freudian Folio?
  194. The ID - is there any way to ...
  195. Pen holder or wraps with slots with ultrasuede inside
  196. Loop on outside of Synapse
  197. College student bag for large laptops
  198. Horizontal Synapse
  199. Briefcase with expansion to travel bag
  200. Larger Cafe/Ego hybrid.
  201. Rain Cover for Brain Bag
  202. Suggestion for the Key Straps
  203. Tom Bihn Luggage Tags???
  204. Packing Cube Shoulder bag tweak for photo/video/audio equipment.
  205. Detachables or transformers
  206. Shoot From The Hip Bags
  207. Portfolio/presentation folder
  208. Third Folder Sleeve - Horizontal Freudian Slip
  209. the shop bag makes a great halloween trick-or-treating bag!
  210. Vertical Brain Cell for Netbooks.
  211. light hook
  212. Smart Alec Plus?
  213. One Compartment Travel Bag
  214. iMac dust cover
  215. Belt Pouch Needed
  216. Passport Holder Needs Improving
  217. Disc Slip
  218. O-Rings in Back Pockets
  219. Padded organizer Pouch
  220. Bag for Spinning Wheels
  221. One Compartment Tri-Star
  222. My fantasy backpack
  223. Different Color Freudian Slips
  224. Colored Key Straps
  225. Empire Builder/Horiz Brain Cell - 99.9998% perfect
  226. Brain cell suggestion
  227. U-Tube
  228. Mid-size backpack
  229. Ultimate Cafe Bag
  230. Waist Hook
  231. side-effect o-rings
  232. Bag Color Options
  233. A New Travel Bag
  234. New Chameleon Travel Bag
  235. TSA-friendly backpack
  236. TSA friendly version of the Aeronaut
  237. a camera pouch?
  238. Mount of Snake Charmer in Brain Bag
  239. On shoulder straps
  240. Introducing the TB^2
  241. TSA friendly version of the Aeronaut
  242. Larger Imago
  243. The MacMini bag -- a new use
  244. Double Clear Organizer Wallet?
  245. Clear Organizer Wallet - Folder sized?
  246. Tie-down strap or elastic for Smart Alec?
  247. solution for portable recording studio
  248. Suggestion: facilitating combined shipping among forum members?
  249. Fanny pack? :)
  250. Messenger Bag Without Flap?