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  1. Attaching a Guardian Light to the old-style Synapse 19
  2. Laptop / briefcase ability in TB travel luggage
  3. Help a traveling mom, please!
  4. Does your Co-Pilot Squeak?
  5. Downsizing?
  6. Swift and little swift
  7. Which bag is best for me? Seeking advice from the people who carry these.
  8. Books/binders in pilots?
  9. Packing cubes
  10. synapse and saltwater: made for each other?
  11. Which TB bags fit under the seat on Amtrak trains?
  12. AERONAUT for large gentleman
  13. Co-Pilot shoulder strap chemical smell - your experience?
  14. Synapse 25 water bottle pocket -- what fits?
  15. Securely carrying a Macbook Air 11 with Incipio case
  16. Choices, choices.
  17. Clear vs Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouches
  18. Synapse 25 water bottle pocket not sealed from other pockets?
  19. New side effect color pairings
  20. Pilot vs. Ego
  21. New backpack strap placement on Synapse 19?
  22. Aeronaut & discount airlines (RyanAir, EasyJet) carryon requirements
  23. Has side effect ever been available in iberian (prior to the current unavailability)?
  24. MacBook Pro 15" Retina sleeve so darn tight- something slightly larger?
  25. Extra tether sites inside the S19?
  26. Businessmen/women in formal attire with Aeronaut
  27. Poking zipper end?
  28. Materials, Materials, Materials...
  29. The Road Less Obvious?
  30. What is the best thing to carry a Kindle Fire HD 7"?
  31. Padded Pouch for Hard Drive
  32. Question for Ristretto owners
  33. 3-D Organizer Pouch - Toiletries?
  34. Organizing the Smart Alec
  35. Best bag for Firefly?
  36. Tri-Star Straps
  37. Co-Pilot Too Much If Taking Aeronaut to Europe
  38. Downsizing to a MCB?
  39. Is there a known load limit for the 1.5" Gatekeepers?
  40. Synapse 25 and cache on rails
  41. Would all this fit in a Pilot?
  42. Brain Bag - is the Cordura version much heavier than the Parapack?
  43. Horizontal Brain Cell (for 13in rMBP) in Smart Alec?
  44. Smart Alec Competitors? General Thoughts?
  45. Western Flyer Advantages?
  46. Question about the parapack material in the Guide's Pack pockets
  47. 3-1-1 issue with Clear Quarter Packing Cube
  48. Is the Kindle Keyboard/Fire Pouch being retired?
  49. 5 Day Trip - What Bags to Use?
  50. Tristar with S19 or Packing Cube Backpack as in town carry?
  51. TB Stated Volume vs. Other Brands
  52. How to Stretch an Absolute Strap
  53. Backpack for first grader - your recommendations?
  54. Got my first tom bihn bag. synapse 19
  55. ID Cache with Rails System
  56. Western Flyer as Briefcase
  57. iPad Mini EDC
  58. Zipper issue on ID bag
  59. Tri-Star Packing Questions
  60. Things to fit things in
  61. PLEASE help me decide - Synapse 25 Cordura or Parapack????
  62. Dyneema Pilot Improvement Suggestion
  63. Can the Brain Bag accommodate *three* laptops?
  64. straps on synapse25 won't adjust when worn - is it normal?
  65. Solar Color and Bees
  66. Synapse family sizing
  67. Biking With Your Cafe Bag
  68. Got my beautiful black dyneema aeronaut an hour ago....zipper issue?
  69. ID for EDC - on a Sportbike?
  70. PILOT For school?
  71. Western flyer in dyneema?
  72. Cadet for Ipad/Netbook Specs.
  73. Western Flyer....Can I fit my laptop in it?
  74. Co-Pilot as EDC for lunch/workout/purse?
  75. Pouches/caches for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?
  76. Got my Pilot! What are those strings?
  77. Side Effect Question
  78. For the Ladies: How to transport cosmetic brushes?
  79. Packing Cubes for Synapse 25?
  80. Looking for slimmer alternative to brain cell
  81. Colour scheme plans for cafe bags?
  82. How do you contribute to the bag community?
  83. What does your EDC/Laptop bag weigh?
  84. Crew: Dimensions of micro coyote pouch?
  85. Graduated from my Synapse 19, chose a Smart Alec, looking for other accessories
  86. Comparison to other brands
  87. Clear Quarter Packing Cube question
  88. Mini Aeronaut
  89. Macbook, iPad, and iPhone chargers- what fits them best?
  90. Will an 11" laptop fit in the co-pilot?
  91. Size Specs for Cache
  92. Few questions about the Swift
  93. Looking for a photo of a Tri-Star, and a question about the Aeronaut
  94. Personal item?
  95. Large Shop Bag
  96. Using a Side Effect inside a Cafe Bag
  97. Perfect bag for high schooler?
  98. 5/8 shoulder strap for Side Effect
  99. Swift vs. Little Swift and handle drop length
  100. iPad mini in a SuperDrive organiser pouch ?
  101. iPad Mini + Fuji x100 = Which bag?
  102. Does stuff fall in/out of the cafe bags?
  103. Which navy is darker? Navy parapack or navy ballistic?
  104. Rollerboard Sleeve = Single Zipper Only? My Pilot Slides Around My Luggage Handles
  105. Any Changes coming for the Brain Bag?
  106. Nordic/Solar Co-Pilot?
  107. Two bags with two fabrics?
  108. How many pockets does a Vertical Freudian Slip have?
  109. Need help with Co-Pilot & paper documents
  110. 200 vs 400 fabric in Shop Bags - Can you tell the difference?
  111. 24oz Hydro Flask water bottle fits perfectly in a Smart Alec
  112. 1" Gatekeeper straps and Synapse 19
  113. What type of rain cover should I use with the Aeronaut?
  114. Am I crazy? 5 weeks out of a tri-star?
  115. Nook pouches in the Pilot
  116. Packing the new Pilot in a Brain Bag?
  117. 6X Horizontal Brain Cell + Pilot?
  118. Run, don't walk, to buy a Condor T&T pouch for your Brain Bag
  119. Vertical Brain Cell Sizing for 13" Clevo laptop
  120. Advantages of a Snake Charmer?
  121. Will an Ego fit my stuff?
  122. Scuba gear
  123. Help! Sensory overload. At a loss on bag choice.
  124. Any news about the Synapse 25 in parapack?
  125. My Aeronuat arrived today!
  126. Smart Alec - Outer Accessory Pocket Questions
  127. Solar and Wasabi Shop Bags - Dirt Magnets?
  128. Can I pack a Synapse 25 inside an Aeronaut?
  129. Questions about a possible transition from the Brain Bag to the S25
  130. John Ball's Steel Dyneema Aeronaut:
  131. Any possiblity more gray aeronauts are coming?
  132. Carrying Laptop, Flute, Music Binder, Music Stand, Lunch, Jacket & Gloves
  133. TriStar or Western Flyer
  134. Ristretto 11 vs 13
  135. Aeronaut side zipper pocket -- which accessories?
  136. Horizontal Freudian Slip in the Pilot?
  137. Accessories which can use annex clips inside a Brain Bag
  138. Cubes for Tri-Star
  139. Bag Demo's
  140. What's with the (lack of) color options?
  141. Rucksack?
  142. Packing Cubes for Co-Pilot
  143. ID Messenger/Briefcase and Camera I/O questions
  144. Parapack vs Cordura vs Ballistic
  145. Bag Thoughts/Suggestions For A Technician...
  146. Brain Bag- Other lining options?
  147. RISTRETTO for11" MBA & Letter Sized File Folders
  148. compression packing cubes for synapse 19?
  149. Which accessories/organisers would you recommend for the Smart Alec?
  150. Buying Synapse tonight, which Cache for Acer S7
  151. Side Effect + Water Bottle?
  152. Which fabric is my bag made out of?
  153. Smart Alec vs. Synapse 25
  154. Cpap and laptop
  155. Synapse 25 and Packing Cubes
  156. Question about bottom front pocket of parapack Synapse 19
  157. Seam binding staining Clear 3D Organizer?
  158. Smart Alec and Modular bags - will the Cardinal colour scheme be available again?
  159. Brain Bag hydration?
  160. ipad mini cache
  161. ipad Air sleeve
  162. Cache for a 13" Unibody MacBook Pro?
  163. Western Flyer as a backpack?
  164. Cross body strap for Swift
  165. Coming out of lurkdom - S19 vs S25 - sizes and colors, SCB
  166. Travel Stuff Sacks - New Kinda Rough Test
  167. Does anyone have a picture of a grey Co-Pilot, since they started adding piping?
  168. EDC bag made from dyneema?
  169. The perfect commuting bag for a heavy laptop?
  170. Way to piggy-back Co-Pilot (or Pilot) on Tri-Star (or Aeronaut)?
  171. Camera storage and protection
  172. Germany/NYC August 2014
  173. What are these new material options for BrainBag?
  174. Does anyone carry a full size iPad in a Small Cafe Bag?
  175. Will the Pilot fit inside the Aeronaut?
  176. Pilot or Cadet?
  177. Questions about Medium Cafe Bag before Purchase
  178. Side Effect waist straps
  179. Would the Tri-Star be overkill for me?
  180. Smart Alec as Camera Backpack?
  181. Number of O rings in Brain Bag
  182. Obsessing about the Pilot
  183. Packing Cube Backpack questions
  184. Brain Bag in Dyneema?
  185. Synapse 19 Dyneema as a PCBP?
  186. Co-Pilot as a multi-purpose PCSB and tourist EDC?
  187. Chromebook in Co-Pilot
  188. How big a bag do I need for my 2 week trip?
  189. New Pilot Layout Questions
  190. The Aeronaut on Ryan Air
  191. New luggage for round-the-world trip
  192. How to Hike Quandary Peak near Breckenridge with a Synapse 19
  193. Round-the-world Trip Bag Suggestions
  194. how many suits will fit in Aeronaut?
  195. Best bag for Academic "Business" Travel
  196. Tom Bihn packs and skiing/snowmobiling/winter use
  197. Does an iPhone 5 fit in the small accessory pocket of an ID?
  198. Clear Organizer Wallets in 420d Parapack?
  199. co-pilot in 420d parapack fabric?
  200. Guide's Pack - questions
  201. Bose noise canceling headphones - carry options
  202. Your cool uses for Gate Keepers
  203. Does order status change from "Pending" after it is shipped?
  204. Starter Pack Advice Needed
  205. Swift and Side Effect together, good fit?
  206. Which is stronger? Dyneema or Parapack?
  207. Need to fit a Lenovo W530 into a Cadet
  208. Co-Pilot or Cafe Bag as an EDC?
  209. bottom front pocket cordura Synapse19
  210. Under-packing the Brain Bag for ultra-light travel. How does it perform?
  211. What's in store for the Checkpoint Flyer update?
  212. Hole between side and front pockets in Synapse 25?
  213. Will a Western Flyer fit under the seat on an passenger aircraft?
  214. Navy Blue Synapse 19
  215. Guides Pack--Spindrift Collar/Rain+Snow protection?
  216. Synapse 19 for safari?
  217. Time to invest in a new EDC bag
  218. Will 15" Macbook fit in Large Cafe Bag
  219. End pocket cubes now out of stock. Alternatives?
  220. Piggyback a bag to a roller suitcase
  221. Do you have an Aeronaut in Dyneema? How is it holding up?
  222. Pros/cons of packing cube options for Aeronaut
  223. Suspending a camera from the shoulder straps of the Synapse
  224. Accessories for Synapse 19/Aeronaut
  225. Owners of both the Synapse 19 and 25
  226. Travel Trays as improvised Travel Stuff Sacks?
  227. Guardian Light - battery question
  228. Can a FJN fit in a Side Effect?
  229. Side Effect size compared to the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag
  230. Synapse 25 and Vertical Freudian Slip?
  231. Gatekeeper Rails on Cache
  232. Parapack 3D clear and mesh organizer cubes
  233. Best pouch for 2 Apple chargers?
  234. iPad Mini cache with rails?
  235. Clear Organizer Wallet questions
  236. Will all bags move to parapack?
  237. Aeronaut in Italy
  238. Simple Strap...
  239. Looking to Buy First TB Bag
  240. Your favorite TB Synapse 25 accessory?
  241. 1000 denier Cordura® or 420d HT nylon Classic Parapack exterior Brain Bag!
  242. Large v. Medium Cafe Bag
  243. Packing cubes - how do you configure?
  244. More waterproof: Dyneema or Parapack?
  245. favorite earbud storage?
  246. Can a Co-Pilot carry a sub-notebook computer? an SLR?
  247. Brain Bag materials
  248. Cafe bag material choice
  249. Nexus 7 in a Kindle pouch?
  250. Cache for iPad Mini?