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  1. Folding clothes for large Packing Cubes?
  2. Medium Cafe in Steel back in anytime soon?
  3. Checkpoint Flyer/Bose headphones
  4. Waist straps, quick adjust buckles and oddities
  5. Aeronaut Vs Tristar pros and cons?
  6. Which bag would work as camera bag now?
  7. Ego strap
  8. Photo comparison sought: WF-Aeronaut-Tristar
  9. Medium Cafe Bag Question
  10. Absolute shoulder strap question
  11. Checkpoint Flyer dimensions
  12. Checkpoint Flyer - carrying a laptop inside of the main compartment?
  13. Need a TSA Checkpoint friendly Netbook Sleeve.
  14. tom bihn museum?
  15. suit in an aeronaut
  16. Packing Cubes Q & A--
  17. Waist Straps
  18. Colors
  19. Go equipment travel bag
  20. Camera Insert!!
  21. Western Flyer under airplane seat?
  22. Absolute strap too short for particularly tall people?
  23. Swift Shoulder Strap
  24. Brain Cell and Thinkpad X200
  25. Anyone ever had to check an Aeronaut?
  26. EEE PC 1000he Horizontal Brain Cell
  27. Ouch!
  28. Question about the absolute strap
  29. colour question
  30. The Compass?
  31. 17" Unibody MBP + Buzz
  32. New to tom Bihn-Areonaut
  33. New bag - Imago? Id?
  34. Medium Cafe Bag buckle
  35. Durability of Cork fabric?
  36. Ways of using Swift for other than knitting?
  37. Steel and cork Imago?
  38. Swift vs Shop Bag handle length
  39. Aeronaut to carry ski boots?
  40. Empire Builder and Wester Flyer nearly same size?
  41. LCB/Tristar: Any Color Combos in the Pipe?
  42. Empire Builder and Ego
  43. Removing the waist strap?
  44. stuff sack in Cafe bag question (knitter or not)
  45. Shoulder strap pad question
  46. Passport fit ?
  47. Smart Alec & packing cube(s)
  48. Cordura and Animal Hair?
  49. could someone demonstrate how to change the strip on the (super) ego?
  50. Aeronaut design changes
  51. attaching two same sized organizer pouches together
  52. Clipping and releasing Brain Cells?
  53. Western Flyer under seat?
  54. what became of the eM2?
  55. Western Flyer as briefcase
  56. Ever struggle on color choice for "professional" look?
  57. Are men carrying the cafe bags?
  58. Water bottle that doesn't fall out of ID?
  59. Looking for a field visit bag...
  60. Question about Tom Bihn labels
  61. Professional Looking Briefcase - Recommendations Sought
  62. Can anyone compare the Aeronaut and the Patagonia MLC
  63. Aeronaut straps pocket
  64. Looking for color combo pictures
  65. Checkpoint Flyer under-seat?
  66. question about Zephyr vs ID
  67. A smaller Ego?
  68. Can the Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case work in an Empire Builder?
  69. Good bag for hiking
  70. Medium Cafe Bag & 12" Powerbook
  71. How long does it take to produce a Tom Bihn bag?
  72. accesories for Zephyr
  73. Q-AM and ID combination?
  74. Brain Bag for small woman
  75. Travel bag suggestions?
  76. Ristretto Color Availability
  77. Help a Newbie Pick a Bag
  78. Brain Cell or Soft Cell
  79. Imago: freudian slip
  80. ID in new colors?
  81. Snow Leopard Strip?
  82. imago color combination
  83. MacBook 13: Ristretto or Cafe Bag or Imago?
  84. What combo of packing cubes?
  85. How Do TB Bags Get Their Names??
  86. Interior pockets on Large Cafe Bag
  87. Bag philosophy: Transport vs Transit
  88. universal freudian slip to hold and easily move the essentials from bag to bag
  89. Brain cell for the MSI Wind?
  90. Modifying an older Western Flyer?
  91. Kiwi?
  92. Horizontal Freudian Slip
  93. Empire Builder Color Scheme Question